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quadtree-based spatial index design pattern  2nd  3rd 
quadtree-BSP hybrid
    indoors rendering  2nd 
quadtrees  2nd  3rd 
    outdoors rendering  2nd  3rd 
    action games 
    analysis/reasoning core of AI systems 
    binary space partition (BSP) algorithms 
    BSP (Binary Space Partition) trees 
    choreographed AI systems 
    feature set execution 
    first-person shooter cameras 
    history of game programming  2nd 
    NPR (nonphotorealistic rendering) 
    sensory phase of AI systems 
    static and dynamic textures 
Quake 3
    character animation 
Quake II
    history of game programming 
    tagged animation 
Quake III
    prop handling 
    tagged animation  2nd 
Quake III\: Arena
    rendering algorithms 
quantization  2nd  3rd 
quaternions  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th 
    converting Euler angles to 
    converting to matrices  2nd 
queues  2nd  3rd 
    priority queues  2nd  3rd 
Quickhull algorithm  2nd 


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