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Haeberli, Paul
Hanrahan, Pat
HARD LIGHT blend mode
     exposing functionality
     exposing new functionality
     graphics accelerators
     optimal performance on wider range
     vector-processing capabilities
Hardware independence
hardware independence
Hash-based operators (#, ##, etc.)
Hatching example
     adding character
     application setup
     density too high
     generating hatching strokes
     hatching fragment shader
     noise added to stripe pattern
     simulating lighting
     softening edge
     uniform line sensity
     vertex shader
Hatching fragment shader
Hatching shader
HDR (high dynamic range) images 2nd
HDTV standard
Hemisphere lighting 2nd
     ambient occlusion
     ground color
     sky color
     vertex shader
Hidden-surface removal
HIL (high-level intermediate language)
HLSL (High-Level Shader Language) 2nd 3rd 4th
HLSL pixel shader
HLSL shaders, problems with
HLSL vertex shaders
Homogeneous vertex position

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