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T&L (transformation and lighting) 2nd 3rd
tan function
Tangent space 2nd
tangent variable
Tangent vectors
Tangents 2nd
Target buffers, rendering into multiple
Target image extrapolation
Taylor, Philip
Technical illustration example
     application setup
     common characteristics for color
     fragment shader
     light source
     matte objects
     vertex shader
     warmth or coolness of color
Technical illustrations
Tejada, Antonio
Temperature values
Temporal aliasing 2nd
Ternary selection operator (?:)
     high frequency features
     separate terrain function trees
     steep slopes and textures
Terrain function tree
TexCoord variable 2nd
Texels 2nd
texName texture object
texNT function
Text application
Texture access 2nd 3rd
Texture access functions
Texture application
Texture bombing 2nd
Texture coordinate sets
Texture coordinates 2nd 3rd
     automatically generating
     built-in array
     clamping to range
     random scaling
     reference frame from
     simple environment mapping
Texture environment
Texture environment function
Texture formats
Texture functions
     built-in 2nd
     shadow variants
Texture generation functions
Texture image units 2nd
Texture lookups 2nd
Texture mapping 2nd 3rd
     extending scope
     limits related
Texture maps
     accessing from shaders 2nd
     cube maps
     daylight colors
     defining behavior of filtering operation
     drawing shadow
     fragment shader
     implementing noise function
     index values
     levels of gray
     locations accessed
     no lighting
     noise function
     storing previously computed noise function
     time to generate
     vertex shader
Texture matrix stack, modifying
Texture memory 2nd 3rd
     accessing arbitrary number of times
     directly updating
     images for
     new uses for
     vertex processors reading from
Texture objects 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Texture pattern
Texture target
Texture units 2nd 3rd 4th
Texture values
Texture wrap mode
Texture-access functions
Texture-combine environment mode
Texture-enables and fixed function hierarchy
texture1D function 2nd 3rd
texture1DLod function
texture1DProj function
texture1DProjLod function
texture2D function 2nd
texture2DLod function
texture2DProj function
texture2DProjLod function
texture3D function 2nd
texture3DLod function
texture3DProj function
texture3DProjLod function
textureCube function 2nd
textureCubeLod function 2nd
     accessing from shader
     accessing multiple simultaneously
     color components
     comparison operation
     compressed image formats
     creation of
     defined algorithmically
     encoding complex functions
     fixed to geometric model
     generated procedurally
     no fixed area or resolution
     normal perturbation values
     priority to be assigned to
     projecting on object
     RGB values
     setting state
     setting up for use
     sizes not restricted to powers of 2
     steep slopes
     switching between
     type accessed 2nd
     uses for
     additional capabilities
     lighting computed before
     undefined results
Texturing and Modeling: A Procedural Approach, Third Edition (Ebert et al.) 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
Texturing example
The C Programming Language (Kernighan and Ritchie) 2nd
The C++ Programming Language (Stroustrup)
The Cg Tutorial (Fernando and Kilgard)
The Design of the OpenGL Graphics Interface (Segal and Akeley)
"The Design of the OpenGL Graphics Interface" (Segal and Akeley)
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers,
The OpenGL Graphics System: A Specification (Version 2.0) (Segal and Akeley) 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
The OpenGL Shading Language, Version 1.10 (Kessenich, Baldwin, and Rost) 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
The RenderMan Companion: A Programmer's Guide to Realistic Computer Graphics (Upstill)
Theoretical BRDF models
Three-dimensional attributes
Three-dimensional texture maps
Threshold animation
Tile set noise
Tile sets
Tileable 3D texture and Perlin noise
Time variable 2nd
tnorm variable
Tom Nuyden's Web site
Topmost matrix
Toy ball
     application setup
     defining sphere
     diffuse-only lighting
     dot product
     fragment shader
     fragments in stripe pattern
     half-space computations
     inorout counter
     lighting calculation
     smoothly antialiased transition
     specular highlight
     star pattern
     surface color for fragment
     surface location
     surface points
     uniform variables
     vertex positions
     vertex shader
Toy Story, 2nd
Traditional illumination model
Traditional lighting equation
Traditional lighting model
Transformation matrix
Transformations 2nd
Transformed vertices
Trigonometric operations
Trigonometry functions
true literal Boolean constant
Tufte, Edward
Turbulence 2nd 3rd
Two-dimensional arrays
Two-dimensional images
Two-dimensional texture maps
Two-sided color mode
Two-sided lighting 2nd
Type casting without conversion
Type conversions
Type matching
Type qualifiers 2nd
typedef keyword
     larger and smaller
     strict with

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