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faceforward function
false literal Boolean constant
Fernando, Randima
Filter width
Filtering 2nd 3rd
Finding Nemo, 2nd
Fixed functionality 2nd
     convolution operation
     distance attenuation algorithm
     enabling texture on texture unit
     fragment processing
     graphics operations
     lighting model
     setting texture function for texture unit
     vertex processors
Fixed-function processing
Flat shading 2nd
float data type 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Floating-point matrix types
Floating-point numbers
Floating-point values 2nd 3rd
Floating-point vector
floor function 2nd 3rd 4th
Flow control
     built-in functions
     calling conventions
Flow-control constructs
fltransform function
Focus point
Fog 2nd 3rd
Fog effect
Fog factor, clamping
For coordinate value
for statement 2nd
Formal function parameters
fract function 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Fractal terrains
     noise functions
     surface normals
Fractional Brownian motion
Fragment processing 2nd 3rd 4th
     fixed functionality
Fragment processor 2nd 3rd
     fragment processing functions
     special input variables
     special output variables
     uniform variables
     varying variables
Fragment shaders 2nd 3rd 4th
     accessing current state
     accessing texture
     adaptive analytic antialiasing
     adding together two images
     animatable for cloudy sky effect
     animation effects
     antialiased brick
     antialiased checkerboard
     bias parameter
     BRDF PTM surface rendering
     brick pattern
     built-in constants
     built-in varying variables
     bump mapping
     chromatic aberration effect
     cloudy sky effect
     color value
     color, depth, and arbitrary values
     common functions 2nd
     communicating results to processing stages
     cube mapping example
     defining values passed on to
     discard keyword 2nd
     empty shader objects
     environment mapping example
     executing in parallel
     exponential functions
     fog factor
     Fresnel reflection/refraction effect
     general convolution computation
     generating shadows
     geometric functions
     glyph bombing
     Gooch shading
     image-based lighting 2nd
     infrequently changing values to
     input variables
     lighting computation
     lighting operation
     main function
     Mandelbrot example
     matrix functions
     maximum number of texture image units
     mitigating aliasing effects
     multiple values for fragments
     multitexturing example
     neighborhood averaging convolution
     noise functions
     obtaining input data
     OpenGL Shading Language
     output and debugging
     perturbation calculation
     perturbation factor
     procedurally discarding part of object
     procedurally generated wood
     process texture values
     processing fragments
     random offsets
     rapidly changing characteristics
         multiple values from texture
         varying qualified shader
         varying variables
     refracted vector
     rendering with BRDF model
     results from preceding processing
     shader computation
     shadow maps
     sky color texture map lookup
     soft volume shadow algorithm 2nd
     special built-in fragment shader input variables
     special input variables
     specialized functions
     spherical harmonics lighting
     state 2nd
     subset of varying variables
     sun surface
     supporting parallelism argument-processing level
     technical illustration example
     texture access functions
     texture maps
     texturing 2nd
     tile sets
     time to generate texture map
     toy ball
     trigonometry functions
     überlight model
     uniform variables
     unsharp masking
     varying variables 2nd
     vector relational functions
     vertex shader communications
     visual feedback about
     wobble effect
     woodcut-style rendering
Fragments 2nd 3rd 4th
     color computing
     color to attach to
     creation of
     depth computing
     depth value 2nd
     facing direction
     front facing
     generated by rasterizing front-facing primitive
     location within current brick
     modeling coordinates
     parallel processing
     position within stripe pattern
     preventing from updating frame buffer
     RGB values
     window coordinate position
Frame buffers 2nd
     auxiliary buffers
     characteristics for windows
     drawing graphics into
     initializing values
     nonwindowed system
     preventing update
     reading back values stored in
     updating single location in
     windowing system
Framebuffer operations
Freq uniform variable
Freq variable
Frequency 2nd
Frequency clamping
Fresnel approximation equation
Fresnel effect 2nd
Fresnel equations
Fresnel reflection/refraction effect
Freudenberg, Bert 2nd 3rd
Front buffer
Front-facing polygons
Front-facing primitive
Frustum 2nd
Frustum clipping 2nd
ftransform function 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Full OpenGL Pipeline shader
Full-screen antialiasing
Function tree
     accessing values in texture memory
     actual value
     aliasing variables within
     average value
     avoiding calls to expensive
     built-in 2nd 3rd 4th
     calling by value-return
     calling conventions
     definition (body) or declaration must be in scope
     empty parameter list
     encoding complex with textures
     existing from
     input parameters
     never producing negative values
     noise values for procedural texturing effects
     output parameters
     overloading 2nd 3rd 4th
     query functions
     recursively calling
     returning no value
     returning value or returning nothing
     structures and arrays passed as arguments
     void type
     when to copy parameters
Fuzz variable
Fuzzing transition region
fwidth function 2nd 3rd

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