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Calculates a man's ideal body measurements based on his wrist circumference.

Male Body Calculator
Wrist Size: Inches Your ideal body measurements are: Chest Size: Forearm Size: Waist Size: Thigh Size: Hip Size: Calve Size: Bicep Size: Neck Size:

Add the below code to the <body> section of your page:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
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<!-- Begin
function verifyForm(form) {
with (form) {
if (!wrist.value || isNaN(wrist.value) ) {
return false;
var chest = wrist.value * 6.5;
chestsize.value = chest;
waistsize.value = chest * .7;
hipsize.value = chest * .85;
bicepsize.value = chest * .36;
forearmsize.value = chest * .29;
thighsize.value = chest * .53;
calvesize.value = chest * .34;
necksize.value = chest * .37;
return false;
//  End -->
<form onSubmit="return verifyForm(this);">
<table border=1 cellpadding=5>
center>Male Body Calculator</center>

Wrist Size:  <input type=text name=wrist size=4> Inches

<input type=submit value="Calculate">

Your ideal body measurements are:

Chest Size:  
<input type=text size=4 name=chestsize>  Forearm Size: <input type=text size=4 name=forearmsize>
Waist Size:   <input type=text size=4 name=waistsize>  Thigh Size:   <input type=text size=4 name=thighsize>
Hip Size:     <input type=text size=4 name=hipsize>  Calve Size:   <input type=text size=4 name=calvesize>
Bicep Size:   <input type=text size=4 name=bicepsize>  Neck Size:    <input type=text size=4 name=necksize>

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