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Browser Details. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
If your visitors are not quite sure the details of the browser they are using, you can show them with the neat little script. The script will produce a table that shows the browser name, version, code name, and user agent.

Browser Info. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
This script does a great job of displaying information about your web browser including version, your computer's platform, if Java is enabled, how many pages you've visited, and screen resolution .

Browser Name. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
How would you like to know the "hi-tech" browser name for you web browser?

Browser Properties. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
More information about the web browser than you knew existed! Find out the code name, color depth, platform, if java is enabled, resolution, ip address, hostname, and more!

Browser Version. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
JavaScript can even indicate the version details of the web browser.

Browser Version2. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Unlike the previous browser information scripts, this one supports Netscape 6 and Opera browsers!

Browser Version Redirect. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
If you maintain separate pages for Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers and want to additionally divide each browser's page into version pages, this script is for you. The script will create a link (or can be changed to automatically redirect) to browser[version number].html. (For example, a visitor with Netscape 4.5 would see a link to netscape4.html).

Css Support Redirect. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are supported in version 4.0 and new browsers. So, you can easily redirect visitors to your site who have CSS (those with version 4.0+ browsers) to your CSS page, and send everyone else who doesn't have CSS to a normal page without CSS.

History. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Shock your visitors by telling them how many sites they have been to since they began using their browser!

Info Table. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
JavaScript can write a neat little box to the screen telling the visitor's browser and operating system.

Ip Grabber FF1+ NN6+
(Netscape, Mozilla and Firefox only. Java must be enabled) Whether it's ethical or not, getting information on your site's visitors is just plain neat. As one of the most requested scripts, this little gem will allow you to get the user's IP address!

Ip Filter FF1+ NN6+
(Netscape, Mozilla and Firefox only. Java must be enabled) JavaScript can prevent visitors with certain IP addresses from visiting your site. Simply enter part of their IP address (the more you enter the greater the chance only the intended person will not be able to enter your site) and they will not be able to enter the site.

Java Enabled Redirect FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
If Java is enabled in the visitor's browser, they are redirected to a Java-enhanced page. Otherwise, if Java is disabled they are sent to the non-java page.

Javascript Version FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Neat little example which displays what JavaScript version the visitor's browser supports. It's pretty neat, extremely simple.

Javascript Enabled Redirect FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
If your visitor has JavaScript enabled in their browser, they are automatically redirected to your JavaScript-enhanced page. If their browser doesn't support JavaScript or they have it disabled, the NOSCRIPT code will display a link to another page without JavaScript.

Language FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
(Version 4.0+ browsers) Redirects a user to the page based on their language. For example, English language user browsers, which report the language as 'en' in most cases, can be redirected to an English page, while Spanish language user browser, which report the language as 'es' in most cases, can be sent to a separate Spanish page. This method works well for redirecting users in all the languages that you set up. Instructions on adding more languages are included in the source code.

Must Visit From FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
If other sites links directly the sub-pages of your site or if previous required pages are being skipped, you can now require your visitors to come from a certain page! Those that did not come from the required page are alerted then send back to the required previous page.

Optimized Popup FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Opens a new full screen browser window optimized for the visitor's browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer, or Other). As well, the properties of new window can be customized -- such as the toolbars, scrollbars, menu bar, location bar, the status bar, and whether it is resizable or not.

Platform Page FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Do you maintain a different version of your site for Windows and another for Mac users? Or, when allowing your visitor to download items from your site, would you like to automatically redirect them to the appropriate software download page for their computer?

Plugins FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
JavaScript can create a table to display all the plugins displayed on your computer. Also tells if they are enabled, etc...

Plugins Alert FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
JavaScript will count how many plugins are installed then make a remark based on that count to your visitors - totally written in JavaScript!

Plugin Page FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
If you maintain separate pages, one plugin enhanced, the other not, here's a simple way to send your visitors to the right page automatically. Besides being a very short script (it loads fast) you can modify the code to look for any plugin you want.

Free Search Engine Optimization services
SEO tools can be helpful for businesses moving out a promotion operation because of the important information they are able to give. If you are like most creative entrepreneurs, you are all the time in the market for tools that will help you maintain your SEO up to speed.

Referrer FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
It's always fun to show how good you are with JavaScript. This script will show where the visitor came from.

Resolution Page FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
When users visit your page, JavaScript will determine their screen's resolution and redirect them to the page of your site that you wrote for that screen size!

Resolution Image FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
(Version 4.0+ Browsers) Loads an image with different dimensions based on the users screen resolution setting. Higher resolution browsers see an image with increased dimensions and lower resolution browsers see an image with decreased dimensions. This separation ensures that each browser sees the image size that looks best in their browser.

Right Browser FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
How do you let your visitors know that they do or do not have the right browser to view your site? Use this JavaScript! It'll tell them if they are using the right browser and the right version, or not....

Safe Colors FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
If you are involved with graphics creation or website design, it's important to understand how colors are seen on different browsers and different platforms. This script will show you all the "safe" colors, the ones that show up the same for all browsers and platforms. So, when you design a site or create an image, be sure to use the "browser-safe" colors!

Screen Percentage FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
(Requires 4.0+ browsers) Displays what percentage of your screen's total area is being used by the browser window. This script will not even be run and will not cause errors in lower version browsers.

Screen Size FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
JavaScript can even tell the visitor their screensize in the format: XX pixels by XX pixels.

Screen Details FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Use this script to show visitors several interesting details about their screen - the screen width, screen height, and screen resolution of their browser window!! You might use this script to suggest that your visitors expand their browser to a larger size before accessing your site, etc.

Simple Info Line FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Do you just not like the browser and computer "user agent" line that the web browsers use? This neat script (written by Netscape!) actually converts the user agent line into a more "user friendly" form, indicating the user's computer platform, browser version, and more!

Style Sheets By Resolution FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Loads a style sheet depending on the user's screen resolution. Includes a default size for Netscape users.

User Report FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Besides basic browser identification (type, version), Netscape users can also see an extensive list of every mimeType and every plugin on your computer. Select one from the pulldown menu and even *MORE* information is displayed in the box. Finally, such additional details as screen width, color depth, and how many sites you have visited so far finish of an incredible display of pure JavaScript power.

Visitor Monitor FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
If you are really interested in knowing who has come to your site, use this script. You will receive an e-mail from each visitor without them sending it.

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