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If you've created a cool DHTML script and would like the world to see it? Submit it to us then! If we decide to include it in our archive, both your name and a direct link back to your site will be present on the script page. We know the best DHTML scripts are not written by us, but by DHTML gurus like you. That's why we not only accept, but appreciate your submissions. A few hundred thousand web developers will too!

To submit a script, zip up all the necessary files (sample html file, images etc), and contact us to get following instructions.

Note: It may take 2-4 weeks from time to submission before your script is actually included on our archive. This is due to the large volumes of submission we get daily, plus the intensive review and testing we have to do on each script.

Important: By submitting, you represent that you are the original creator of the script, and grant the full right to include and feature your script in our script archive and possibly through other sources affiliated with We also reserve the right to modify or remove the script from our site at any time. 
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