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Ask Mustafa. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
We've captured the spy Mustafa from the Austin Powers movie. Mustafa will refuse to answer any question you ask. Except, he hates hearing the same question three times in a row. Ask him a question three times in a row and he will answer you.

Battleship. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Enter into a naval battle against your computer. But watch out, your adversary is not stupid!

Blackjack. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Play even the classic game of Blackjack in JavaScript! (You might also know it as "21") The object of the game is to get the closest to 21. If you get higher than the dealer without going over, you win! Good luck, and don't gamble.

Bridge. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Here is an interesting use of JavaScript, deal a hand of Bridge! Each time you load the page JavaScript will deal a new hand to four players.

Buzzwords. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
JavaScript takes a word you provide and puts it in a complex sentence.

Checkboxes. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Just how many boxes can you check in 20 seconds? Play this interesting JavaScript game and find out.

Curse. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
JavaScript uses the dynamic random() function to write random curses. Users may collect as many curse phrases as they want, or can endure.

Dice Roller. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Next time you play a game involving dice, give this JavaScript Dice Roller a try! Just tell it how many dice to use, how many sides are on each die, and it'll give you the total for the number of dice you rolled!

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Face Memory. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
See how well you can do in trying to remember a random face.

Fortune Teller. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Just ask a yes or no question and the JavaScript fortune teller will reply.

Guess Random FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Play the JavaScript version of Guess-A-Number. First, select a number range and then try to guess the number the computer has chosen.

Guess 1 100 FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Another JavaScript guess-a-number game. However, this one automatically has a set range of 1 - 100.

Hangman FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
I know you've all played Hangman before.... You know, you try to guess a word by choosing letters? Well, how about a game of Hangman, in JavaScript! (The topic is Presidents of The United States!)

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Hanoi Solver FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Solves the Towers of Hanoi game in the shortest number of moves, demo included. The delay between moves and the number of rings can be adjusted by the user.

Hit The Dot FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
How many dots do you think you can hit in 30 seconds? Play this interesting JavaScript game and find out!

Insight Generator FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
If you need a profound quote or insight for an upcoming speech, interview, cocktail party or whatever, try the Insight Generator. If you don't like the first generated profundity, click again for a whole new one. Just keep going until you find a quote that suits whatever the occasion requires.


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