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Basic Slideshow. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
This slideshow allows you to browse through the images manually or automatically.

Born Which Day. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
I'm sure most of you are curious about what day of the week you were born. This script will tell you exactly that - in a nice layout, as well.

Browser Check. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
It's often necessary to make a script only accessible to the newer browsers (that can support the script without error) and keep older browsers from trying to work with it.

Character Table. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Ever have a hard time remembering the "&#xx;" codes to print out certain special characters? This neat little script will print out the code and it's symbol for you!

Days Ahead. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
This script will print out a date a certain number of days ahead of the current date. Just enter how many days ahead you want to display, and it will print out that date! Useful on order forms (tell a visitor after they order that you must receive their order by a date 3 weeks from today, etc.

Directory. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
If you were thinking about creating a searchable directory, this script can help. Just cut and paste the script, edit the appropriate directory information, and you have your own Javascript directory!

French Translator. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
If you have ever wondered how to say a simple phrase in French, this script can help you out. Simply enter what you would like to say, and the translation is given to you.

Load Alerts. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
It's really neat to welcome your visitors and especially cool to say good bye! This script will use JavaScript to greet and 'see out' your visitors.

Meta Maker. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
To get higher on search engines, you're going to have to use Meta Tags. If you don't know how to write them for yourself, use this JavaScript! Just enter the information about your site and it'll spit out the Meta Tags that you need to put on your pages (in the HEAD tags).

Modify Variable. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Removes a character from a variable's value in a string. For example, if you tell it that number equals 0.09876 and to remove the period, afterwords number equals 009876.

Mouse Direction FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Changes the cursor arrow to point in the direction of mouse movement.

R Numbers FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Use this script to pick 16 random numbers. Lottery, for fun or whatever.

Search FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
This is undoubtedly the most comprehensive JavaScript search engine I have ever seen. You just put in your search term(s), select a few options, and then you have pages of search results!

Set Home Page IE4+
(Internet Explorer 5.0+ only) Allow your visitors to quickly and easily change Internet Explorer's default home page to your site's URL with the click of a button! Great for keeping your visitors coming back to your site! Other browsers will not see anything, and will not get any errors.

Shy Button FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Try to click the wrong answer with this clever script.

State Trivia FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Displays trivia facts about any of the 50 states when selected from the pulldown menu. Facts include state capital, date admitted into the union, state flower, and state bird. The script could be modified to display details about products you sell, members in a club, etc.

Strobe FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Yet another cool layers effect. Strobe will fade your message in and out.

Tournament FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Enter up to 8 players in a tournament and this script will help track the tournament results. Just enter each players name, then indicate if they won that level of tournament, click the checkbox or the button with their name. If they won, they advance to the next level.

User Quiz FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
If you'd like to present your visitors with a JavaScript quiz, this script would be perfect. It administers and scores the test, and even catches the user if they try to cheat! You can even make additional quizzes for it to continue with after the first quiz.

Virus FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Use JavaScript to give your visitors a little scare. Some of the more gullable visitors will even close be convinced that their computer has been completely contaminated.... Just another neat JavaScript effect.

Submit Link. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Now you can easily use text or an image as a submit button!

Submit Once. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Do you ever receive multiple copies of a single form submission? Do your visitors click the submit button over and over, hoping it will hurry up the process? Well, JavaScript can solve your problems! The script will prevent the visitor from submitting the form after the first submission. Basic field validation also included!

Submit Changer. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Changes the caption of the form's submit button while the form is being submitted. This helps eliminate the confusion that can sometimes occur when a form takes quite a while to be processed by the server.

Suggestions. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Use Javascript to allow visitors to send your feedback.

Tab Key Emulation. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
The tab key is no longer required to tab between fields. The user can go to the next form field just by pressing the enter key instead of the tab key. Useful with 10-key form input.

Text Cycler. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Use the Up and Down arrows while in the text box to cycle through your choices.

Text Reverser. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
JavaScript will take the contents of a box and reverse it! If you entered 'hello' it will change the box to say 'olleh'. This might be useful on your site in a form or just for fun.

Time Out. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Limit the time allowed for form input with this short script.

Trim Leading Spaces. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
A super-easy script which eliminates any extra leading spaces entered inside a textbox. To check it out in action, try entering a few spaces before the text in the box.

Trim Trailing Spaces. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
A super-easy script which eliminates any extra trailing spaces entered inside a textbox. To check it out in action, try entering a few spaces after the text in the box.

True Date Selector. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
This script helps to insure the integrity of the date entered in drop-down menus. Dates, such as Feb 31st can't be selected. Today's date is automatically selected.

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Upload Filter. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Allowing visitors to upload files through web forms on your site is useful, but how do you limit the types of files they can upload? This script only allows visitors to upload files that end with the file extensions you want, such as .gif and .jpg, etc.

Validation Char. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Automatically removes specified characters from input box. Good for fields that require only text/number inputs. Easily modified to accept only text or only numerals.

Validation Cookie. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Use Javascript to ensure that all elements of a form are properly filled out before mailing.

Validation Credit Card. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Determines if a credit card number is valid before the form is submitted by utilizing the LUHN formula. Very simple, and does not require knowledge of the credit card type. Does not check if the date is valid. Ver useful for online order form validation.

Validation Date. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Dates are validated and formatted in your form. Supports over a dozen different date formats, and formats the date properly in United States or European date formatting styles depending on how the script is configured. A dateCheck function also is included if you wish to compare two dates.

Validation Guestbook. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Use Javascript to ensure that all elements of a form are properly filled out before mailing.

Validation Info. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Test the powers of Javascript. Watch as Javascript tells you if information about you is valid or not.

Validation Ip. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Verify the value of an IP address. Check for special cases such as "" and "".

Validation Num Or Char. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Validates an input field to make sure that only a number or character is entered. If you enter a number or a letter everything you can continue on. But, try entering another value like an exclamation point (!), an ampersand (&), or a dollar sign ($) and see what happens. It even highlights the incorrect entry field for you.

Validation Password. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
This script works like our Password Verifier, however, it also checks for a minimum length and invalid characters.

Validation Selection. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Use Javascript to ensure that visitors choose both a radio button and a checkbox. Invalid submissions are cancelled.

Validation Social Security Number. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Input the Social Security Number using either the 9 digit or NNN-NN-NNNN format. The number ranges can be easily changed by the S.S.A, so this is not checked.

Validation Time. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
This function verifies that a string is a valid time, in the form hh:mm:ss am/pm, where seconds are optional. It accepts military time (hour between 0 and 23) as long as am/pm isn't specified. It requires am/pm when the hour is less than or equal to 12.

Validation Zip Code. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Ensure that your visitors enter a properly formatted 5 digit, or 5 digit+4 zip code. The visitor is alerted if any information is invalid and asked to try again.

Validation Universal Date. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Validate dates in your form using this universal script. Will work with any date format and the code is fully commented for easy modification.

Validation. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Let Javascript help you receive feedback from your visitors. The script also requires that all fields must be completed before the form is submitted.

Word Counter. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
This is a handy script that counts the words (or characters) entered into a textarea and limits it to 100 words or less (this can be changed).

Word Count. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Finally, an easy way to count the number of words that are entered into a form!

Zip To State. FF1+ IE4+ Opr6+ NN6+
Enter your five digit zip code and press tab to have the script display your state automatically.

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