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Menus and Navigation >>> Combined Radio Buttons.

Sends the user to a specific URL based on the combined selections from two different menus. Works great for sites navigation based on two separate characteristics.

Chevy Ford Dodge Oldsmobile

1998 1999 2000 2001

Add the below code to the <body> section of your page:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
/* Visit for full source code
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<!-- Begin
function combineMenus(frm, menu1, menu2) {
with (frm) {
for (var i = 0; i < document.menufrm.menu1.length; i++) {
if (document.menufrm.menu1[i].checked) {
str = document.menufrm.menu1[i].value;
for (var i = 0; i < document.menufrm.menu2.length; i++) {
if (document.menufrm.menu2[i].checked) {
str += document.menufrm.menu2[i].value;
url = site + "/" + str + ".html";
window.location.href = url;
//  End -->
<FORM NAME="menufrm">
TYPE="radio" NAME="menu1" VALUE="chevy" CHECKED>Chevy
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="menu1" VALUE="ford">Ford
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="menu1" VALUE="dodge">Dodge
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="menu1" VALUE="olds">Oldsmobile
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="menu2" VALUE="1998" CHECKED>1998
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="menu2" VALUE="1999">1999
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="menu2" VALUE="2000">2000
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="menu2" VALUE="2001">2001
<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Select" onClick="combineMenus(this.form, this.form.menu1, this.form.menu2)">

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