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Dynamically change the link address for a hyperlink based on their entry in the pulldown menu. Send to different email addresses or URLs!

do you want to ... do it!

Add the below code to the <body> section of your page:

<form name="addresses">
do you want to ... <select name="list" onChange="update()">
<option value="">email
<option value="">go to
<a href="updatelink">do it!</a>

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">      
/* Visit for full source code
and get more free JavaScript, CSS and DHTML scripts! */
<!--  begin
pos = 9999;
for(num=0;num<document.links.length;num++) {
if (document.links[num].href.indexOf("updatelink") != -1) {
pos = num;
num = 5000;
function update() {
if (pos!=9999) {
sel = document.addresses.list.selectedIndex;
document.links[pos].href = document.addresses.list[sel].value;
// end -->

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