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Professional Search Engine Optimization (Seo). Developer's Guide to SEO tutorial.

Table of contents #1

Programmer and Search Engine Marketer
IT professional
What Do You Need to Learn?
SEO and the Site Architecture
SEO Cannot Be an Afterthought
Preparing Your Playground
Installing XAMPP
Preparing the Working Folder
Programmer and Search Engine Marketer
Preparing the Database
Primer in Basic SEO
Link Equity
Google PageRank
Word on Usability and Accessibility
Search Engine Ranking Factors
Visible On-Page Factors
Outbound Links
Invisible On-Page Factors
Meta Keywords
Site and Page Age
Quantity of Inbound Links
Link Anchor Text and Surrounding Copy
TLD of Domain Name for a Link
Potential Search Engine Penalties
Duplicate Content Penalty
Web Analytics
Market Research
Google Trends
Researching Keywords
Browser Plugins
Search Engine Blogs and Resources
Provocative SE-Friendly URLs
Why Do URLs Matter?
Static URLs
URLs and CTR
URLs and Duplicate Content
URLs of the Real World
Numeric Rewritten URLs
Keyword-Rich Rewritten URLs
different URLs
URL Rewriting
Learning how to properly use mod_rewrite involves a lot of work
Installing mod_rewrite
Testing mod_rewrite
Apache and PHP
Create a file
URL Rewriting and PHP
SE-Friendly URLs
Introducing Regular Expressions
Working with Regular Expressions
gentler introduction to regular expressions
Metacharacter Description
analyze the expression
Significance Description
URL Rewriting and PHP
Rewriting Numeric URLs with Two Parameters
Rewriting Numeric URLs
added URL
Rewriting Keyword-Rich URLs
Building a Link Factory
build the keyword-rich URL
Pagination and URL Rewriting
URL factory
Problems Rewriting Doesn’t Solve
Content Relocation and HTTP Status Codes
HTTP Status Codes
Redirection Using 301 and 302
RFC 2616
301 status
302 status
Removing Deleted Pages Using 404
Avoiding Indexing Error Pages Using 500
Using Redirects to Change File Names
Dynamic URLs
Content Relocation
HTTP Status Codes
URL Correction
Dealing with Multiple Domain Names Properly

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