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How This Book Is Organized

Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus is divided into four parts, covering 15 chapters and 6 appendixes.

Part I: Windows Programming Foundations

Chapter 1 Journey into the Abyss
Chapter 2 The Windows Programming Model
Chapter 3 Advanced Windows Programming
Chapter 4 Windows GDI, Controls, and Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Part II: DirectX and 2D Fundamentals

Chapter 5 DirectX Fundamentals and the Dreaded COM
Chapter 6 First Contact: DirectDraw
Chapter 7 Advanced DirectDraw and Bitmapped Graphics
Chapter 8 Vector Rasterization and 2D Transformations
Chapter 9 Uplinking with DirectInput and Force Feedback
Chapter 10 Sounding Off with DirectSound and DirectMusic

Part III: Hardcore Game Programming

Chapter 11 Algorithms, Data Structures, Memory Management, and Multithreading
Chapter 12 Making Silicon Think with Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 13 Playing God: Basic Physics Modeling
Chapter 14 The Text Generation
Chapter 15 Putting It All Together: You Got Game!

Part IV: Appendixes

Appendix A What's on the CD-ROMs
Appendix B Installing DirectX and Using the C/C++ Compiler
Appendix C Math and Trigonometry Review
Appendix D C++ Primer
Appendix E Game Programming Resources
Appendix F ASCII Tables

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