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Dialogs - HyperLink

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To get this dialog, just click “HyperLink” from “HTML→Miscellaneous” menu or from “HTML toolbar”.

To set the options for a hyperlink:

  1. In the Text text box, enter the text to appear as a hyperlink in the document.
  2. In the Link text box, enter the name of the file to link to, or click the folder icon to browse to and select the file.
  3. In the Target pop-up menu, select the window in which the file should open in the Target text box.

    The names of all the frames you've named in the current document appear in the pop-up list. If you specify a frame that doesn't exist, when the document opens in a browser, the linked page loads into a new window that has the name you specified.

    You can also select from the following reserved target names:

    • _blank loads the linked file into a new, unnamed browser window.
    • _parent loads the linked file into the parent frameset or window of the frame that contains the link. If the frame containing the link is not nested, the linked file loads into the full browser window.
    • _self loads the linked file into the same frame or window as the link. This target is the default, so you usually don't need to specify it.
    • _top loads the linked file into the full browser window, thereby removing all frames.
  4. In the Title text box, enter a title for the hyperlink.
  5. Note, to check the “Relative to Document” option, at first, you should save active document.


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