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Menus - HTML

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Bold: Creates Bold tags.
Italic: Creates Italic tags.
Underline: Creates Underline tags.

Here you can choose from miscellaneous actions. See also "Insert Image", "Insert Table", "HyperLink", "Email Link", "Named Anchor".

Form Control:

Inserts a form control.


Inserts a multimedia.

Special Objects:

Inserts a special object.

Date and Time: Inserts current date.
Unordered List: Inserts an unordered list.
Ordered List: Inserts an ordered list.

Aligns selected text.


Inserts heading tags.

Font Set:

Creates font tags.

Subscript: Creates Subscript tag.
Superscript: Creates Superscript tag.
Tag Chooser: Click to choose an “HTML” tag to insert into current document.
HTML Events: Click to choose an “HTML” event to insert into current document.
HTML Attributes: Click to choose an “HTML” attribute to insert into current document.

See also other menus: File Edit View Statements Functions History JScript Tools Debugging Window Help