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Toolbars - HTML

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  1. Creates Bold tags.
  2. Creates Italic tags.
  3. Creates Underline tags.
  4. Inserts an unordered list.
  5. Inserts an ordered list.
  6. Inserts a font tag.
  7. Increases the font size.
  8. Decreases the font size.
  9. Inserts a table.
  10. Inserts an Image .
  11. Inserts color in HEX or RGB notation.
  12. Inserts a hyperlink, email link or named anchor.
  13. Inserts an absolutely positioned layer.
  14. Inserts a flash, shockwave, sound or video file.
  15. Inserts a form control.
  16. Here you can choose from miscellaneous actions.
  17. Aligns selected text.
  18. Inserts heading tags.
  19. Click to choose an “HTML” tag, event or attribute to insert into current document.

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