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Allows you to create a blank HTML, JavaScript, CSS, ASP, ASP.Net, PHP, INC or TEXT document.

Open: Allows you to open an existing file in the editor.
Open Recent:

Allows you to open recently closed files.

Close: Allows you to close currently active document.
Close All: Allows you to close all open documents.
Save: Allows you to save currently active document.
Save As: Allows you to save currently active document with a new name or (and) extension.
Save All: Allows you to save all open documents.
Preview in Browser:

Allows you to preview current page in predefined or built-in browser. By clicking “Edit Browser List”, you can customize predefined browser list.

Send by Email: Allows you to send current document content (or selected part of active page) via email. You can, also, send a highlighted (colored) document.
Export file as: Allows you to export current color-coded file as a Web Page or a Rich Text Format (RTF).
Printer setup: Allows you to change the printer and printing options.
Page Setup: Allows you to setup the print page.
Print preview: Displays the document on the screen as it would appear printed.
Print: Prints the active document.
Exit: Quits the application.

See also other menus: Edit View HTML Statements Functions History JScript Tools Debugging Window Help