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Using IntelliSense


Note!!!! It works only in Pro (Professional) version of 1st JavaScript Editor!

First JavaScript Editor uses Intellisense to simplify writing of code and make it more error-free.
IntelliSense provides an array of options that make language references easily accessible. It works by monitoring your keystrokes and offering pick-lists with member functions, methods and properties. When coding, you do not need to leave the code editor to perform searches on language elements. You can keep your context, find the information you need, insert language elements directly into your code, and even have IntelliSense complete your typing for you.
To apply an IntelliSense press TAB, ENTER or double-click the selected position.

There are three patterns of IntelliSense in First JavaScript Editor:
1) CSS IntelliSense
2) HTML IntelliSense
3) JavaScript IntelliSense