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Help contents: List help topics

Context Help: Displays help for focused element or current word in the editor

Online Help: See online help contents

Online Presentation: See what JavaScript Editor can do for you (Animated Flash)

Lite and Pro versions (Difference): Find out the difference between Lite and Pro versions of 1st JavaScript Editor

Application shortcuts: List of editor shortcuts

Get over 700 scripts!: Get over 700 scripts for professionals! To get scripts from new opened window, right-click on browser, choose “View source”, copy and save copied text.

Enter (Verify) Registration Code: Enter received registration code or verify your registered key

JavaScript, CSS, HTML: Get tutorials and references

Ajax Tutorial: Get Ajax tutorials

DOM2 Specification: Document Object Model (DOM2) specification

DOM3 Specification: Document Object Model (DOM3) specification

Application Homepage: Visit First JavaScript Editor homepage

Order on-line: Buy First JavaScript Editor(Pro) now!

Send us email: Send us email if you have any questions

About: Displays the program information

See also other menus: File Edit View HTML Statements Functions History JScript Tools Debugging Window