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Undo: Reverts the last action.
Redo: Redoes the previously undone action.
Cut: Cuts the selection and puts it on the clipboard.
Copy: Copies the selection and puts it on the clipboard.
Paste: Inserts clipboard contents.
Select All: Selects the entire active document.
Find and Replace: Finds or Replaces the specified text.
Find Next: Finds or Replaces the next occurance of the last search string.

Finds all the usages of the word at the cursor.
For more info click here.


Shown only if you have pressed the "Mark All" button in the "Find & Replace" dialog.
Allows you to move around the marks.

Toggle Bookmarks:

Sets or Clears a bookmark on the current line.

Go to Bookmark:

Goes to specified bookmark.

Clear All Bookmarks: Clears all specified bookmarks.
Go to line: Goes to specified line in the active document.
Increase indent: Increases text indent.
Decrease indent: Decreases text indent.
Change character case:

Converts selected character case.

Copy Highlighted: Copies code in rich text format with syntax highlighting.
Match Brace: Searching for matching brace.
To get this action, place cursor before these braces: <,>,[,],{,},(,).
Select Brace: Searching for matching brace and select text.
Preferences: Sets the program preferences.

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