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IntelliSense - JavaScript IntelliSense

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There are ten ways to use Intellisense in JavaScript section of HTML document (beetween <script> and </script> tags) or in JavaScript document:

  1. Press Ctrl+SPACE to get IntelliSense.
  2. After entering a property or object, type dot “ . ”.
  3. Place cursor on ready property, object or method and press Ctrl+SPACE.
  4. Write method, which has some parameters, and type bracket “(“.
  5. To get IntelliSense for functions and statements press Ctrl+J.
    To get autocompletion, type the first letters of statement (for example for function type func) and press Ctrl+J.
  6. Intellisense removes now the need to memorize thousands of functions, objects, members, and properties. Apart from speeding up your work, its pick-lists also prevent typing errors.
    It constantly monitors your keystrokes (no longer waits for '.' to be typed) to assist you with pick-lists of JavaScript and user-created objects.
    Just type the first two letters of your object to get IntelliSense. You can disable this feature by unchecking the “AutoIntellisense” option in the Preferences dialog.
  7. JavaScript Editor can now recognize user-created objects and give you Intellisense for only this type of object.
  8. Place mouse over a method or object, which has some parameters and First JavaScript Editor gives you hint with description of this method.

  9. JavaScript Classes
  10. Now you can create your own classes and program can recognize properties and methods for your classes.
  11. Each time you use the "getElementById" method, you must check the HTML file to see what the exact ID is. JavaScript Editor helps in this task by inspecting HTML file and suggesting a list of ID's.

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