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background style properties and values 
backgroundImage property 
backspace (\b) 
backward-compatible text validation functions 
Base64, encoding and decoding 
base64.js library 
base64Encode( ) function 
<basehref> tag 
batch validation  2nd 
blankFrame( ) function 
blockEvent( ) function 
blockEvents( ) function  2nd 
blocking double clicks 
blockIt( ) function 
body content, removing 
body content, replacing dynamically 
bookmark values (TextRange) 
<br> tag compared to newline character 
branching execution 
break statement 
bringing windows to front 
    backwards-compatibility and versioning 
    brand detection 
        early versions 
    browser detection 
        object detection, using 
    browser-specific linking 
    carriage return codings 
    compatibility ratings 
    cookie storage by 
    cookies, enabled/disabled status, testing 
    CSS, implementation 
    Date object compatibility 
    detecting written language 
    error handling, older versions 
    feature detection 
    feature-specific linking 
    frames, managing  [See frames]
    global variables, setting 
    history, keeping pages out of 
    Internet Explorer  [See Internet Explorer]
    multiple versions, testing on 
    Netscape  [See Netscape Navigator]
        masking scripts from 
    number formatting, older versions 
    page design strategies 
    script support, determining level of 
    windows, managing  [See windows]
button property 
    possible values 
button-type input element 

Main Page

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