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calcBlockState( ) helper function  2nd 
calcProgress( ) function  2nd 
    number of days between two dates 
    previous or future dates 
    trigonometric functions 
calendar date picker, creating
    scripts for 
cancelAll( ) function 
cancelBubble property 
capturing document content 
carriage return codings 
Cascading Style Sheets  [See CSS]
    character comparisons 
    converting in strings 
    sorting and 
case branch 
case-sensitivity, variable names 
center cell event handlers, HTML for 
centering an element
    in a window or a frame 
    on top of another element 
centerOnElement( ) function  2nd 
centerOnWindow( ) function  2nd 
changeSizeStyle( ) function  2nd 
    content in multiple frames 
    form actions 
    frame content from another frame 
    imported style sheets after loading 
    page background colors and images 
    select element content 
    string case 
    text style properties 
character codes compared to key codes 
character values, keyboard events 
    case comparison 
    value comparison 
charCodeAt( ) method 
checkDate( ) function 
checkModal( ) function 
chooseDate( ) function 
class names 
class selectors, style sheet rules definitions 
className property (elements) 
clearTable( ) function 
clearTimeout( ) method 
clearUndoBuffer( ) function 
click events, determining coordinates of 
client operating systems, detecting 
client-side form validation 
clientHeight and clientWidth properties 
clientX/clientY properties 
cMenu custom script object 
collapseAll( ) function  2nd 
color, changing background 
combining arrays 
Command key (Mac) 
commas (,) in displayed numbers 
    back to main windows 
    with new windows 
comparison operators 
concat( ) method 
concatenating strings 
concatenation operators 
condition expression equivalents 
connecting positioned elements to body elements 
Connectix Corporation's Virtual PC 
const keyword 
constructor functions 
contentDocument property 
context-sensitive help feature, example 
contextEntry class 
contextMenus class 
contextMenus.js library 
contextual menus, creating 
    cMenu custom script object 
    HTML and CSS portions 
    tables, usage in 
contextual selectors, style sheet rules definitions 
continueLoad( ) function 
controlling positioning via a DHTML JavaScript library 
    an XML node tree to JavaScript objects 
    arrays and custom objects to strings 
    between arrays and strings 
    between decimal and hexadecimal numbers 
    between numbers and strings 
    between Unicode values and string characters 
    user selections to arbitrary elements 
    enabled or disabled status, detecting 
    limits to data 
    passing data between pages using 
    reading and writing strings to 
    storage by browsers 
cookies.js library 
Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) 
copying form data between pages 
countdown timers, displaying 
    60-second counter 
countDown( ) function  2nd 
coworker object 
    constructor function  2nd 
        properties, adding 
        properties, reusing 
createDocument( ) method 
createElement( ) method 
createTreeWalker( ) method 
    anonymous functions 
    blank frames in new framesets 
    calendar date pickers 
        scripts for 
    center-aligned body elements 
    collapsible XML menus 
    contextual (right-click) menus 
    custom link styles 
    custom objects 
    custom scrollbars 
    Date objects 
    draggable elements 
    drop-down navigation menus 
    expandable menus 
    mixed element and text nodes 
    named functions 
    new elements 
    new page content dynamically 
    new windows 
    slide shows 
        automatic cycling through slides 
    text content for new elements 
    transition visual effects 
cross-frame scripting, onload event handlers 
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) 
.css files, using 
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
    animated progress bar rules 
    center-aligned body elements, creating 
        imported style sheets after loading 
        page background colors and images 
        text style properties 
    controlling web page appearance using 
    CSS borders, impact on coordinates in IE vs. Netscape 
    CSS Level 2 and element positioning 
    effective style sheet property values, reading 
    enabling or disabling style sheets 
    external style sheets, importing 
    hiding and showing elements 
    image rollovers using 
    importing browser- or operating system-specific style sheets 
    offering text size choices to users 
    overriding rules 
    properties, treatment in different browsers 
    property names
        conversion for JavaScript compliance 
        hyphens, and DOM 
    pseudoclasses, creating custom link styles with 
        global assignment to elements 
        individual elements, assigning to 
        subgroups of elements, assignment to 
    syntax MIME type 
    toggling between for elements 
    turning arbitrary content into a styled element 
    v.6 browsers, forcing into standards-compatibility mode 
.css files 
    loading to a page already being viewed 
CSSRuleValues object 
ctr class 
Ctrl keys 
curly braces { }  2nd  3rd 
currentTarget property 
currSlide global variable 
currState variable 
cursor control 
custom objects 
    strings, converting to 
    vs. arrays 
customizing an object's prototype 

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