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language codes 
language version branching 
<layer> tag 
layerDialog.js library  2nd 
layerDialogDrag.js library  2nd 
length property of arrays 
less-than operators (<) 
less-than or equal operators (<=) 
    eliminating extraneous functions 
<link> tags  2nd 
    loading new style sheets to pages under view 
linkClicks global variable 
    creating custom link styles 
linkTo( ) function 
listProperties( ) function 
load( ) method 
loadFrame( ) function 
loadFrames( ) function 
loadXMLDoc( ) function 
location object 
    same origin policy 
    scripted navigation shortcut 
location.hash property 
location.href property  2nd 
location.pathname property 
location.replace( ) method  2nd  3rd property 
loopObject global object 

Main Page

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