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ID attributes 
ID names 
ID selectors, style sheet rules 
if conditions
    cookies, testing for enabled/disabled status 
    for browser-specific linking 
    methods, testing for 
    object detection, using for 
    object properties, testing for 
iframe elements 
    inserting and populating 
Image object 
    changing background images 
        server configuration and 
    swapping (rollovers) 
img element 
implements construction, simulating 
@import rule 
    browser- or operating system-specific style sheets 
    external style sheets 
improving script performance 
including external HTML content 
incoming( ) function 
indexOf( ) method  2nd 
inequality operators 
initAnime( ) function 
initCircAnime( ) function 
initContextMenus( ) function  2nd 
initDHTMLAPI( ) function 
initDrag( ) function 
initExpand( ) function 
initExpMenu( ) function 
initiating processes after page loads 
initMenus( ) function 
initProgressBar( ) function 
initScrolbars( ) function 
initScroll( ) function 
initScroll( ) method 
initScrollers( ) function 
initSLAnime( ) function  2nd 
initXMLOutline( ) function  2nd 
innerHTML property  2nd 
innerText property 
insertAdjacentHTML( ) method  2nd 
insertBefore( ) method 
insertCell( ) method 
inserting and populating iframe elements 
insertRow( ) method 
intercapitalization system 
interface constructon 
Internet Explorer 
    backward-compatible transition types 
    CSS border coordinates 
    DHTML events 
    element content manipulation methods 
    event objects 
    modal/modeless windows 
    new-style transition filters 
    positioning elements 
    v.6, forcing into standards-compatibility mode 
    version detection 
    windows object and 
isSupported( ) method 

Main Page

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