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data structures
    arrays and objects 
        choosing between 
data types
    numbers  2nd 
data, embedding in web pages 
Date methods 
Date objects  2nd  3rd 
    client computer and 
    in relation to servers and clients 
    value stored in 
        number of days between two dates 
        previous or future dates 
    Daylight Saving Time 
    Summer Time 
dayPart( ) function 
daysBetween( ) function 
deadend( ) function 
deciding between div and span containers 
decimal numbers, converting to hexadecimal 
decodeURI( ) method 
decodeURIComponent( ) method 
decoding Base64 strings 
decoding URL strings 
default event behavior, preventing 
    browser- or feature-specific links 
delaying function calls 
delimiter characters
    # (hash mark) 
    ? (question mark) 
    browser brands 
        early versions 
    browser written language 
    client operating systems 
    cookie availability 
    Internet Explorer, version 
    JavaScript versions 
    Netscape Navigator version 
    object property and method support 
    object support 
    coordinates of click events 
    element the cursor rolled from/to 
    locations of nonpositioned elements 
    which element received an event 
    which modifier keys were pressed during an event 
    which mouse button was pressed 
DHTML and accessibility 
DHTML browsers, event handlers for 
DHTMLAPI.js library  2nd 
dialogWin global variable 
disabled property 
disableForms( ) function  2nd 
disabling form controls 
display style property 
    animated progress bars 
        CSS rules 
        scripts for 
    countdown timers 
    days until Christmas 
    random aphorisms 
div element  2nd 
    vs. span 
dividing arrays 
DOCTYPE elements, forcing standards-compatibility in v.6 browsers 
document node trees, walking 
document object
    location property 
    page navigation using 
    and referencing of element objects 
document object model  [See DOM]
document.all collection 
document.compatMode property 
document.createTreeWalker( ) method 
document.getElementById( ) method  2nd  3rd 
document.images array 
document.links collection 
document.styleSheets collection 
document.write( ) method  2nd  3rd  4th 
    potential for misuse 
DocumentFragment object  2nd 
    style sheets, embedding in 
DOM (Document Object Model)  2nd 
    Level 0 syntax 
doSLAnimation( ) function  2nd 
"dots" rule 
double backslashes (\\) 
double clicks, blocking 
double quotes (") 
dragImg.js library 
dragIt( ) function 
drawOutline( ) function  2nd 
drawTable( ) function  2nd 
DSTAdjust variable 
DXImageTransform opacity filters 
dynamic content 
    animated progress bars 
        CSS rules 
        scripts for 
    auto-scrolling pages 
    automating search-and-replace of body content 
    calendar date picker, creating 
    capturing document content 
    countdown timers, displaying 
    creating new page content 
    data, embedding as JavaScript objects 
    displaying a random aphorism 
    displaying number of days until Christmas 
    external HTML content, including 
    greeting users with their time of day 
    HTML element objects, getting references to 
    HTML tables, transforming JavaScript objects into 
    iframe elements, inserting and population 
    mixed element and text nodes, creating 
    need for 
    removing body content 
    slide shows, creating 
    sorting dynamic tables 
    text content, creating for new elements 
    user selections, converting to arbitrary elements 
    walking document node trees 
    writing during page loading 
    XML data, embedding 
    XML data, transforming into HTML tables 
    XML node trees, converting to JavaScript objects 
dynamic forms  [See forms]

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