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named functions
NaN value 
NaN( ) method 
Nav4 global variable 
        collapsible XML menus 
        contextual (right-click) menus 
        drop-down navigation menus 
        expandable menus 
    history, keeping pages out of 
    loading a new page or anchor 
    passing data between pages 
    pop-up/drop-down navigation menus 
    providing navigation trail menus 
        inside a frameset 
    select elements, using for 
navigation menus, creating 
navigation trail menus 
    inside a frameset 
navigator object 
    language detection code 
    oscpu property 
    vendorSub property 
navigator.appName property 
navigator.appVersion property  2nd 
navigator.cookieEnabled property 
navigator.userAgent property  2nd 
nesting named functions 
Netscape Navigator 
    CSS border coordinates 
    event objects, v.6 
    v.4 browser, anomaly in 
    v.6, forcing into standards-compatibility mode 
    version detection 
    versioning anomalies 
    windows object and 
new keyword 
newline characters 
    <br> tags, compared to 
newWindow global variable 
next( ) function  2nd 
node tree modification methods 
nonscriptable browsers 
    masking scripts from 
normalize( ) method 
number data type  2nd 
Number object
    toLocalString( ) method 
numberOnly( ) function 
    and commas 
    converting between strings and 
    decimal and hexadecimal, conversions 
    display, internationalization issues 
    formatting for text display 
    random number generation 
    rounding floating-point values 
    testing for equality 
    trigonometric functions, calculating 
    validity, testing for 
numeralsOnly( ) function 

Main Page

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