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B::Deparse module 
B::LexInfo module, memory leaks and 
    macros for 
BEGIN blocks 
benchmarking scripts 
benchmarks  [See also performance]
    buffered compared to unbuffered printing 
    caching data compared to regenerating 
    characteristics of 
    creating new modules 
    Perl code 
    print( ) function 
    string manipulation 
    string manipulation modules 
    usefulness of 
BenchWeb web site 
beos MPM 
Berkeley DB 
BerkeleyDB module 
big-O notation 
binaries, mod_perl installation 
blocking calls
    I/O filtering 
    zombie processes and 
Boa server 
body (HTTP) 
braille media type 
breakpoints, perldb 
bt command 
BTREE access method, DBM 
bucket brigades
    blocking calls 
    connection input filters 
    HTTP request output filter 
    I/O filtering 
    invoking filter handlers 
    manipulation techniques 
    protocol modules and 
    request input filters 
    stream-based HTTP request input filters 
buffered printing 
    disabling, reasons to 
buffers (DBM), flushing 
    Apache server, separately from mod_perl 
    manual method 
    mod_perl as DSO
        via APACI 
        via APXS 
    mod_perl enabled server, commands for 
    mod_perl server 
bundling modules 

Main Page

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