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Undefined subroutine: &Apache::ROOT::perl::test_2epl::some_function called at, message 
Uniform Resource Identifers  [See URIs, length limitations]
unique connections, Apache::DBI module and 
    configuring mod_perl 
    installing mod_perl, unpacking source code 
    server rebooting, SysV init system 
unpacking source code 
unrecognized format specifier errors 
untie( ) calls, locking and 
update_mtime( ) method, last-modified header 
upgrade issues 
upgrading server
    CVS and 
    Internet cluster servers 
    Internet single servers 
    Intranet servers 
    Perl code 
    port forwarding 
    prepackaged components 
    reusing configuration parameters 
    scripts and handlers 
    swapping live and backup servers 
    symbolic links 
uploading files 
URI translation (Apache request processing) 
URIs, length limitations 
URLs, fully qualified, importance of 
Use of unitialized value at (eval 80) line 12, message 
use( ) function, server startup file 
USE_APACI configuration parameter 
USE_APXS configuration parameter 
USE_DSO configuration parameter 
    performance and 
    virtual machines 
USR1 signal 
    parent processes, identifying 
    process memory consumption monitoring 
    top, monitoring system health 
utilities taglib, AxKit 

Main Page

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