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validation, memory sharing 
Value of $x may be unavailable at, message 
Value of $x will not stay shared at, message 
    passing variables by 
    XPathScript API and 
    $^W  2nd 
        modifying for nonstandard directories 
        nonstandard Apache installation and 
    Apache::Status configuration 
    configuration, options for defining 
        accessing with mod_cgi 
        directives for setting 
        maintaining during redirection 
        changing to global 
        closures and 
    memory usage 
    numerical access 
        by value 
        to subroutines 
    passing as arguments 
    PERL5LIB, modifying for nonstandard directories 
    PIDs and 
    scalar, redirecting STDOUT 
    sharing, regular expressions and 
    string access 
    Template Toolkit language 
vars pragma, global variables and 
Vary header 
versioning, modules 
virtual documents 
virtual hosts
    main server interaction and 
    name-based, configuring
        backend server 
        frontend server 
    proxying backend server 
virtual machines, users 
virtual memory 
virtual servers, running single script on multiple servers 

Main Page

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