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h2xs, creating modules 
handheld, as media type 
handler( ) subroutine 
    ALRM signal 
        converting mod_cgi script to 
        converting to use mod_perl API 
    custom, performance compared to Apache::Registry 
    disabling code on live servers and 
    input arguments, processing 
        coding considerations 
    method handlers 
        perl-script handler 
        response handler example 
    modperl handler 
    post-processing, terminating child processes 
    signal, trapping errors 
        executing directives 
    upgrading on live servers 
handles, databases, singleton database handles 
handling exceptions, XSP 
hanging processes
    debugging, OS problems 
        interactive debugger 
        Perl trace 
        system calls trace 
    reasons for 
    tracking and terminating 
hangman application, Template Toolkit 
    CGI script 
    modular templates 
    plug-in module conversion 
    self-contained template 
    bottleneck detection 
    conflicts, solving 
    fault-tolerant CPU 
    I/O performance tuning 
    Internet connection 
    memory, needs assessment 
    site traffic and 
    strong machine versus many weak ones 
HASH access method, DBM 
HEAD requests 
header files, APACHE_HEADER_INSTALL configuration parameter 
header parsing (Apache request processing) 
header template, Template Toolkit 
header( ) function 
    C source files, creating 
        content-length header 
        content-type header 
    content headers, entity tags 
    content negotiation 
        Vary header 
        cache-control header 
        date header 
        Expires header 
    HTTP, generating 
    MIME, generating 
hello user script 
hello world script 
High-Availability Linux Project web site 
    development of mod_perl 1.0 
htaccess file 
HTML forms, GET and POST methods 
<html> tags, printing 
HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol)
    status codes 
HTTP headers, generating 
HTTP request filters, I/O filtering 
HTTP request output filter 
HTTP request phases, mod_perl 2.0 
HTTP requests
    GET requests 
    HEAD requests 
    POST requests  2nd 
HTTP/1.1 standard web site 
HTTP::Monkeywrench utility 
HTTP::RecordedSession utility 
HTTP::WebTest utility 
http_load utility 
    processes, limiting 
httpd accelerator mode (proxy servers) 
httpd executable, single-process mode, enabling 
httpd server, installation, multiple machines 
httpd.conf file 
httpd_docs (two server approach) 
httpd_perl (two server approach) 
httperf utility 
HUP signal 
HyperText Transfer Protocol  [See HTTP]

Main Page

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