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RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks), definition 
RAM (Random Access Memory) 
read-only scalars 
read/write access, DBM 
readonly pragma, scalars and 
real memory, usage 
rebooting server scripts 
Recall web site 
    authentication mechanism emulation 
    CGI::params and 
    child processes, terminating on request completion 
    cookie handling 
    cookies, sending multiple with mod_perl API 
    mod_rewrite in Perl 
    PerlHandler, setting based on MIME type 
    POST request data reuse 
    POST request redirection 
    REDIRECT responses, sending cookies 
    redirection, environment variables and 
    sending email from mod_perl 
    singleton database handles 
RECNO access method, DBM 
recursion, XSLT templates and 
Red Hat Linux, libgdbm errors 
Red Hat Package Manager  [See RPM]
REDIRECT responses, cookies and 
    environment variable maintenance and 
    POST requests 
references, perlref manpage 
REGEX library (Stronghold), troubleshooting core dumps 
registry loader: Translcation of uri to filename failed, message 
registry section configuration, mod_perl 2.0 
registry, scripts, preloading at server startup 
regular expressions
    Apache configuration files 
    Apache::Registry limitations and 
    information resources 
    repeated matching 
    shared variables 
relational databases, performance and 
reloading modules 
REMOTE_ADDR variable 
render( ) method 
reporting problems to mailing list, backtrace from core dumps 
reporting problems to mod_perl mailing list 
    spinning processes 
        multi-process and overall status 
    server configuration 
request filters 
request input filter 
request loop, phases 
request phases, examining 
request processing, Apache 
request-rate speed, limiting 
    MaxClients directive 
    number processed, performance and 
    process speed, performance and 
    querying start time 
    queued, configuring maximum number of 
    terminating child processes on completion 
requirements  [See system requirements]
resource locking
    critical sections 
    DBM and 
resource usage issues 
    child processes, limiting 
    DBI module 
    MaxClients directive 
    processes, limiting number serving 
    web security 
response (Apache request processing) 
responses, compressing 
restart, graceful, stuck processes 
restart, troubleshooting 
return codes, coding considerations 
reusing data, POST requests 
robot blocking 
root passwords
    setuid executable 
    setuid script 
        sample startup script 
        security issues 
    information resources 
    mod_perl installation on multiple machines 
runlevel 3 
runlevel 6 
runtime processing, event tracing 
runtime, troubleshooting 
rwrite returned -1, message 

Main Page

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