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macros, debugging 
Mail::Sendmail module 
mailing lists
    Apache test framework development 
    mod_perl  [See mod_perl mailing list]
    mod_perl advocacy issues 
    mod_perl CVS 
    mod_perl development mailing list 
    mod_perl documentation mailing list 
    log files 
make command
    building mod_perl 
make install command 
make test command 
make utility, httpd executable
Makefile.PL command 
    errors and 
Makefile.PL, preparing for manual build 
Makefiles, mod_perl, building 
makepl_args.mod_perl file 
    perlref, references 
manpages, Perl
manual builds 
MaxClients directive 
MaxRequestsPerChild configuration directive 
MaxRequestsPerChild directive  2nd 
MaxSpareServers directive  2nd 
media types 
Memoize module 
    allocation, preallocation 
    child processes 
    damage from large files  2nd 
    FreeBSD, changing buffer size 
    imported symbols 
    increasing, CPU load and 
    input size 
    input size tests 
        avoiding, OS and 
        cvrundiff( ) function 
        set comparison and 
    Linux, changing buffer size 
    mod_perl requirements 
    modules, usage considerations 
    needs assessment 
    process consumption of 
    process requirements 
    process usage 
    real memory, usage 
    sharing, operating system and 
    Solaris, changing buffer size 
        real memory 
    usage control 
    usage limits
        killing processes and 
        reuse code 
        submission size  2nd 
memory management
    information resources 
    operating system 
memory pages 
memory segment, limiting sizes 
memory sharing
    child processes 
    MaxClient calculations 
memory swapping 
MergeHandlers option, PerlOptions directive 
method handlers 
    coding considerations 
    mod_perl 2.0 
    child_terminate( ) 
    cleanup_for_exec( ) 
    connect_on_init( ) 
    content_type( ) 
    flock( ) 
    leak_test( ) 
    mod_perl 2.0 considerations 
    performance, compared to functions 
    ping( ) 
    set_content_length( ) 
    set_last_modified( ) 
    update_mtime( ), last-modified header 
    mod_perl to Apache::Registry 
    mod_perl 1.0 to 2.0 
        compatibiltiy layers 
        configuration files 
        porting code 
    scrtipts to mod_perl 
MIME headers, generating 
MIME type checking (Apache request processing) 
MIME types
    list of 
    web site 
MIME, PerlHandler and 
MinSpareServers directive  2nd 
miscellaneous modules  2nd 
Missing right bracket, message 
mkdir command 
MLDBM module, complex data structure storage 
mod_backhand web site  2nd 
    converting to use mod_perl API 
    directives, using in mod_perl 
    scripts, converting to Perl content handler 
mod_log_spread web site 
mod_macro web site 
    build options 
    building, separately from Apache server 
        enabling mod_perl 
        modperl handler 
        module access 
        perl command-line switches 
        perl-script handler 
        PerlOptions directive 
        startup file 
    configuration file, <Perl> section 
    event tracing 
        perl-script handler 
        response handler example 
        with Apache-SSL 
        from source 
        with mod_ssl 
        multiple machines 
        with PHP 
        with Stronghold 
    list of sites using 
    non-standard features, enabling 
    resource usage issues 
    script migration 
    source code distribution, obtaining 
    SSL functionality, pros and cons 
    standard features, enabling 
        error log 
        via CGI script 
        via lwp-request 
        via telnet 
        viewing /perl-status 
    web site 
mod_perl 2.0 new features, thread support 
mod_perl advocacy issues mailing list 
mod_perl API, sending multiple cookies 
mod_perl CVS mailing list 
mod_perl development mailing list 
mod_perl documentation mailing list 
mod_perl home page 
mod_perl mailing list 
    reporting problems 
        backtrace from core dumps 
        spinning processses 
    subscription information 
mod_perl module
    development of version 1.0 
    principles of operation 
mod_perl resources 
mod_perl services, ISPs 
MOD_PERL_TRACE environment variable, options 
mod_php, building 
    broken connection detection and 
    ProxyPass directive 
    ProxyPassReverse directive 
    security issues 
    Perl and 
mod_so module 
mod_ssl, mod+perl installation with 
mod_status module  2nd 
mod_status, configuring Apache::VMonitor 
mod_throttle_access web site 
modperl handler 
ModPerl::MethodLookup module 
ModPerl::Registry module 
ModPerl::RegistryCooker module 
    access modules  2nd 
    ADD_MODULE configuration parameter 
    Apache core modules 
    Apache, overview 
    Apache::DB module 
    Apache::DB, mod_perl debugging 
    Apache::Leak  2nd 
    application-specific content generation phase modules 
    application-specific content-genration modules 
    authentication modules  2nd 
    authorization modules  2nd 
    BEGIN block execution 
    Book::DBMCache, global variables and 
        output generation 
    control and monitoring 
    control and monitoring modules 
    core Apache modules 
    creating, with XS and h2xs 
    databases  2nd 
    DBI, databases and 
    debugging modules  2nd 
    development stage 
    development stage modules 
    DSO support 
    file browser, configuring 
    filters, output filters  2nd 
    fixup handlers  2nd 
    frameworks  2nd 
    generic content-generation modules 
    generic content-generation phase modules 
    handlers, creating 
    importing, when not to 
    information gathering 
    initialization, server startup 
    layering modules  2nd 
        %INC hash and 
        directives for 
    logging-phase handlers  2nd 
    memory considerations 
    miscellaneous modules  2nd 
    missing, AxKit installation and 
    namespace conflict solutions
        forcing reloading 
        full path 
        package name declarations 
        path prefixes 
    namespace conflicts 
    output filters  2nd 
        identifying nonstandard directories 
        installing to nonstandard directories 
        modifying @INC variable for nonstandard directories 
        modifying PERL5LIB variable for nonstandard directories 
    preloaded, memory and 
    preloading at server startup 
        @INC and 
        Apache::Reload and 
        Apache::StatINC and 
        dynamic configuration files and 
    security and 
    server and configuration modules 
    server configuration modules 
    startup file, what to add 
    Template Toolkit 
        plug-in modules 
        Template module  2nd 
    third-party, extending server package with 
    toolkits  2nd 
    trans handlers  2nd 
    type handlers  2nd 
    Perl interpreter 
    process memory consumption 
    securing monitors 
morning bug, Apache::DBI and 
MPMs (Multi-Processing Model) modules 
mpmt_os2 MPM 
multi-process mode, starting server 
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions  [See MIME types]
mysql_store_result, Apache::DBI module 
mysql_use_result, Apache::DBI module 

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