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daemontools web site 
data reuse, POST requests 
data structures
    complex, storage 
Data::Dumper, debugging and 
Data::Dumper::Dumper method 
_ _DATA_ _ token 
    Apache::DBI, locking risks 
    DBI module 
    modules  2nd 
    persistent connections
        Apache::DBI and 
        Web interfaces 
    relational databases, performance and 
    singleton handles 
date header 
date-related headers
    cache-control header 
    date header 
    Expires header 
DB_File module 
DB_File::Lock file-locking wrapper 
DB_File::Lock module, locking and 
DBI handler, Apache::DBI module and 
DBI module
    Apache::DBI module and 
    databases and 
    debugging techniques 
DBI statements, trace logs 
    access methods 
    Berkeley DB 
    buffers, flushing 
    exclusive locks 
    file locks and 
    file-locking wrappers 
    files, closing modified 
    flat-file databases and 
    indexing algorithms 
    Perl interfaces 
    read/write access 
    shared locks 
dbm libraries, troubleshooting 
debug tracing, enabling 
Debug::DumpCore module 
Debug::FaultAutoBT module 
debugger (perldb)
debugging  [See also error messages; troubleshooting]
    -D option 
    Apache::DBI module 
    Apache::FakeRequest module 
    Apache::Registry scripts 
    Apache::Status module 
    avoiding bugs, coding style issues and 
        obtaining automatically 
    client, sending information to 
    core files
        dumping core file 
        faulty packages, creating 
        preparation for 
    DBI module 
    hanging processes, OS problems 
        hanging processes 
        troubleshooting ptkdb 
    Internal Server Error problems 
    levels of complexity 
    multiple child process reloading problems 
    nested subroutine errors 
    Perl code
        syntax errors 
    print( ) function and 
    Segmentation fault error 
    single process server mode and 
    single-server mode 
        diagnostics pragma 
        importance of 
    warnings compared to errors 
    XS code 
debugging macros 
debugging modules 
declarative templates, XPathScript API 
degugger (perldb)
    basic operation 
    enabling  2nd 
    listing code lines 
    single stepping 
delete command 
Delete command 
deployment (server)
DESTROY method 
detaching forked processes 
determining Perl version 
Devel::DProf module, code profiling and 
Devel::Peek module 
    preallocating memory 
Devel::SmallProf module, code profiling and 
Devel::StackTrace module 
Devel::Symdump module 
    multiple developers, starting personal servers for 
    three-tier scheme 
development stage modules  2nd 
development tier (server implementation)
    configuration package 
development tools, mod_perl installation requirements 
diagnostics pragma 
    debugging code 
die( ) function 
    errror messages and 
    Apache configuration 
    Apache configuration file
        <Directory> section 
        <Files> section 
    configuration (Apache) 
    configuration, scope 
    environment variables, setting 
    executing, stacked handlers 
    MaxClients, setting 
    migrating mod_perl 1.0 to 2.0 
    mod_cgi, using in mod_perl 
    Options, merging 
    PerlOptions, mod_perl configuration 
    request loop 
    restarting server 
    ScriptAlias (mod_cgi) 
    Template Toolkit language 
    @INC, locating 
    automatically created, modifying names 
    default, changing during installation 
    installing mod_perl 
    nonstandard and 
        identifying to Perl 
        installing Perl modules to 
        modifying @INC variable 
        modifying PERL5LIB variable 
    script locations, configuring 
    two server approach 
<Directory> section (Apache configuration file)  2nd 
disconnect( ) statements, Apache::DBI module and 
discontinued products, operating sysem and 
DNS resolution, disabling 
DO_HTTPD configuration parameter 
    I/O filtering 
    troubleshooting and 
documents, virtual 
    Template Toolkit 
DSO (dynamic shared object)
        building via APACI 
        building via APXS 
    support for 
    USE_DSO configuration parameter 
    when to use 
dump( ) function 
dumping core file, debugging and 
dynamic configuration files 
DYNAMIC configuration parameter 
dynamic shared object (DSO), support for 

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