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    creating, code execution advantages 
    declaring names, <Perl> sections 
    faulty, creating for debugging 
    namespace conflicts 
    naming, configuration files and 
packets, speed and 
    AxKit forms 
    callback hooks, enabling, handling with 
    mod_perl non-standard features, enabling 
    mod_perl standard features, enabling 
    supplying from file 
parent option, PerlOptions directive 
parent processes 
    zombie processes and 
ParseHeaders option, PerlOptions directive 
parsing key-value pairs 
passing variables
    by value 
    to subroutines 
pattern matching (regular expressions)
    repeated matching 
    Apache termination/restart, optimization 
    Apache::DBI module
        preopening connections 
        skipping ping( ) 
        compared to custom handlers 
    benchmarking scripts 
    caching compared to generating data 
    caching data, Memoize module 
    child processes, limiting resources used by 
    code profiling 
        importance of tweaking 
        information resources 
    configuration files, exported variables and 
    critical sections, optimizing 
    diagnostics pragma overhead considerations 
    DSO mechanism and 
    files, printing 
    forking, drawbacks of 
    imported symbols, memory considerations 
    KeepAlive directives 
    memory page swapping issues 
    methods compared to functions 
    mod_perl 1.0 compatibility issues 
    mod_perl, memory requirements 
    mod_status module and 
    modules, memory considerations 
    operating system selection 
    Perl interpreter, monitoring status 
    prepare( ) statements 
    print( ) function 
    process, memory consumption 
    proxy servers, httpd accelerator mode 
    regular expressions
        repeated matching 
    relational databases and 
    resource usage issues 
    runtime, Perl compared to C 
    speed and 
    stat( ) calls, reducing 
    static object request rate 
    troubleshooting, questions to ask 
    two server approach 
    warnings, enabling 
    -D runtime option (debugging) 
        combining with other languages 
    coding idioms 
    configuration files, creating 
    configuration, saving 
        compiling for  2nd 
        syntax errors 
    exit( ) function 
    extensions, creating with XS and 2hxs 
        Apache API 
        APR API 
    mailing list information 
    method handlers 
    mod_perl requirements 
        identifying nonstandard directories 
        installing to nonstandard directories 
        modifying @INC variable for nonstandard directories 
        modifying PERL5LIB variable for nonstandard directories 
    new features 
    resources for 
    runtime performance compared to C 
    server configuration
        <Perl> section 
    symbol table, accessing 
    trace, diagnosing hanging processes 
    version, determining 
Perl interfaces, DBM 
perl Makefile.PL command 
Perl Module Mechanics web site 
<Perl> section, constructing 
<Perl> section
    mod_perl configuration file 
Perl*Handler directives 
Perl*Handler option, PerlOptions directive 
Perl/CGI resources 
Perl/TK, debugger 
PERL_DEBUG configuration parameter 
perl_destruct( ) function 
PERL_DESTRUCT_LEVEL={1,2} configuration parameter 
PERL_FILE_API parameter 
PERL_LOG_API parameter 
Perl_newAV, undefined reference errors 
PERL_SECTIONS parameter 
PERL_SERVER_API parameter 
PERL_SSI parameter 
PERL_STATIC_EXTS configuration parameter 
PERL_TABLE_API parameter 
PERL_TRACE configuration parameter  2nd 
PERL_URI_API parameter 
PERL_UTIL_API parameters 
PERL5LIB variable, modifying for nonstandard directories 
PerlAccessHandler, automatic routine maintenance and 
PerlAddVar directive 
PerlChildExitHandler directive  2nd 
PerlChildInitHandler directive  2nd 
PerlCleanupHandler directive 
    basic operation 
    enabling  2nd 
    listing code lines 
    single stepping 
PERLDB_OPTS environment variable 
PerlDispatchHandler directive 
perldoc utility 
perlfaq manpages 
PerlFixupHandler, debugging code 
PerlFreshRestart directive 
    mod_perl 2.0 and 
PerlHandler directive (<Location> section) 
PerlHandler, MIME type and 
PerlModule directive 
    loading modules 
PerlOpenLogsHandler directive 
PerlOptions +/-ParseHeaders directive 
PerlOptions +/-SetupEnv directive 
PerlOptions directive, mod_perl configuration 
PerlPassEnv directive 
PerlPostConfigHandler directive 
PerlPreConnectionHandler directive 
PerlProcessConnectionHandler directive 
    protocol handlers and 
perlref manpage, references and 
PerlRequire directive 
    loading modules 
PerlResponseHandler directive 
    HTTP request phase 
PerlRestartHandler directive 
PerlSendHeader directive (<Location> section) 
PerlSendHeader, determining status 
PerlSetEnv directive 
PerlSetupEnv directive 
PerlSetupEnv directives 
PerlSetVar directive 
PerlTaintCheck directive  2nd 
    creating custom 
PerlWarn directive  2nd 
permissions, script directory, setting 
persistence, global variables 
persistent connections, databases
    Apache::DBI and 
    Web interfaces 
phases (Apache), mod_perl 2.0 support 
PHP, mod+perl installation with 
    determining for processes 
    multiple developers and 
ping( ) method, skipping in Apache::DBI module 
PL_perl_destruct_level, undefined reference errors 
plug-in modules, converting from CGI script 
port forwarding
    information web site 
    upgrading servers with 
port numbers, publishing 
port-based virtual hosts 
porting  [See migration]
POST method
    HTML forms 
    REQUEST_METHOD environment variable 
POST requests 
    reusing data 
post-processing handler, terminating child processes 
post-read-request (Apache request processing) 
post_config phase  2nd 
    constant, print( ) call debugging and 
    strict, importance of 
    vars, global variables and 
    warnings  2nd 
pre-caching data 
pre_config phase 
pre_connection phase  2nd 
preallocating memory 
prefork MPM 
preloaded modules, memory and 
    modules, server startup 
    registry scripts, server startup 
PREP_HTTPD configuration parameter 
prepare( ) statements, performance and 
presentation languages, Template Toolkit 
print command 
print( ) function 
    debugging code 
    HTTP response headers and 
    performance techniques 
printers, as media type 
printf( ) function 
    files, perfomance tip 
    formatting output 
    function call stack backtrace 
    <html> tags 
    performance techniques 
process_connection phase  2nd 
    child, lifespan 
    forking  2nd 
        diagnosing with interactive debugger 
        diagnosing with Perl trace 
        diagnosing with system calls trace 
        OS problems 
        reasons for 
        tracking and terminating 
    memory consumption 
    resource usage 
    resources, limiting number serving 
    size considerations 
    spinning, mod_perl mailing list 
    zombie processes 
production tier (server implementation)
    configuration package 
program flow, aborting 
programming languages, combining with Perl code 
programming style  [See also coding]
    coding idioms 
    error messages and 
    poor practices 
    semicolons, importance of 
projection media type 
protocol modules
    principles of operation 
protocols, stateless 
prototyping, modules 
proxy (mod_proxy module), overview 
proxy server
    adding in httpd accelerator mode 
    advantages and disadvantages 
    mod_proxy module
        ProxyPass directive 
        ProxyPassReverse directive 
        security issues 
    virtual hosts 
ProxyPass directive 
proxypassed connection type 
ProxyPassReverse directive 
ps command 
ps(1) utility, process memory consumption monitoring 
pstree utility 
ptkdb, troubleshooting for mod_perl compatibility 
ptkdbrc file 
publishing port numbers 

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