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C, runtime performance compared to Perl 
C/C++, libraries, memory leaks and 
cache-control header 
    smart memory-page caching 
caching data 
    Memoize module 
calendar example (caching data) 
Callback called exit, message 
callback hooks, activating 
caller macro 
caller( ) function 
can_stack_handlers method 
CanÕt load, message 
CanÕt locate loadable object for module, message 
CanÕt locate object method, message 
Carp module, function call stack backtrace, printing 
carp( ) function 
certificates, SSL, creating and installing 
    code returned as plain text 
    hello user script 
    hello world script 
    online tutorial 
    principles of operation 
    programming practices, poor practices 
        forking model 
        mod_perl example 
        porting to mod_perl 
        Template Toolkit 
        testing mod_perl 
    specification web site 
cgi-list mailing list module 
    compile( ) method 
    header( ) function 
    output generation 
    parameters, handling 
    replacing with Apache::Request 
CGI::Cookie module, replacing with Apache::Cookie 
CGI::param module, compared to Apache::Request::param and Apache::args 
CGI::params module 
characters, line-end character sequence 
chdir( ) funtion, issues with 
CHECK blocks 
child processes
    dirty memory pages 
    forked, Perl interpreter inheritance 
    maximum number of 
    MaxRequestPerChild directive 
    memory sharing and 
    reloading errors 
    resources, limiting 
    terminating, request completion 
child_exit phase  2nd 
child_init phase  2nd 
child_terminate( ) method 
chkconfig utility 
    Apache request processing 
    PerlCleanupHandler directive 
cleanup code
    importance of 
    safe locking 
cleanup_for_exec( ) method 
    maximum number, calculating 
clone option, PerlOptions directive 
closures, debugging 
cluck( ) function 
cluster, definition 
Coda file system, centralized log files 
    disabling on live servers
        handlers and 
    disabling services on live servers 
        multiple child process reloading 
    migrating mod_perl 1.0 to 2.0 
    migration compatibility 
    Perl, benchmarking 
code profiling 
        _ _DATA_ _ token 
        _ _END_ _ token 
        return codes 
        symbolic links 
    BEGIN blocks 
    broken connection detection
        tracing techniques 
    broken connections, cleanup code 
    CHECK blocks 
    command-line switches 
    configuration files
        dynamically updating 
    die( ) function 
    END blocks 
    exit( ) function 
    global variables, persistence 
    HTTP headers 
    INIT blocks 
    method handlers 
    mod_cgi scripts, converting to Perl content handler 
        forcing reloading 
        loading and reloading 
        reloading, Apache::Reload and 
        reloading, Apache::StatINC and 
    packages, advantages of creating 
    print( ) function 
    printing, formatting output 
    regular expressions
        repeated matching 
    server timeout considerations 
    STDERR stream 
    STDIN stream 
    STDOUT stream 
        redirecting to scalar variable 
    strict pragma, importance of 
    system calls, sending output to browser 
    taint mode 
        importance of enabling 
coding idioms 
colocation, users 
    perl switches, mod_perl configuration and 
commands, mod_perl enabled server, building 
Common Gateway Interface  [See CGI]
    DSO mechanism 
    make test errors 
    single-process mode, Netscape 
compatibility layers, mod_perl migration 
compile( ) method initialization 
    mod_perl requirements 
    selection of 
    failure, troubleshooting 
    mod_perl, for debugging 
    Perl, for debugging 
complex data structure storage 
concatenation (strings), performance 
conditional clauses, Template Toolkit language 
conditional GET requests 
confess( ) function 
    alternative configuration files 
        importance of tweaking 
    Apache::DBI module 
    Apache::ReadConfig module 
    Apache::Status module 
    Apache::VMonitor module 
    Apache::Watchdog::RunAway module 
    by directory (Apache) 
    development tier (server implementation) 
    DSO support, advantages/disadvantages 
    file browser module 
    I/O filters 
    information reporting 
    MaxClients directive 
    MaxRequestsPerChild directive 
    method handlers 
    mod_auth_dbm and mod_auth_db issues 
    mod_cgi module 
        enabling mod_perl 
        modperl handler 
        module access 
        Perl command-line switches 
        perl-script handler 
        PerlOptions directive 
        startup files 
    multiple server instances 
    name-based virtual hosts
        backend server 
        frontend server 
    performance, information resources 
    <Perl>section, constructing 
    prior to installation 
    production tier (server implementation) 
    scripts directory 
        Perl and 
        validating syntax 
    Squid server 
    staging tier (server implementation) 
    two server approach
    on Unix 
    virtual hosts 
configuration directives 
Configuration file, preparing for manual build 
configuration files
    creating in Perl 
    creating/including separate 
    <Directory> section  2nd 
    dynamically updating 
    <Files> section  2nd  3rd 
    <FilesMatch> section 
    HTTP headers and 
    <Location> section  2nd 
    <Location/perl> section 
    migrating mod_perl 1.0 to 2.0 
    migration compatibility 
    Options directives, merging 
    package naming and 
        dynamic configuration files 
        creating subgroups 
configuration parameters
    supplying from file 
    upgrading servers 
configuration variables, options for defining 
Configuration.custom file 
conflicts, hardware 
connect( ) method, Apache::DBI module and 
connect_on_init( ) method 
connection input filter 
connection phases 
    Apache::DBI module 
        opening with different parameters 
    broken, cleanup code 
    closing, lingerd 
    detecting broken
        tracing techniques 
    proxypassed type 
    unique, Apache::DBI module and 
constant pragma
    debugging print( ) calls 
    scalars and 
constructs, directives, Template Toolkit language 
content delivery, XML and 
content generation, modules 
content handlers  [See also handlers]
    converting mod_cgi script to 
    converting to use mod_perl API 
content headers
    content-type header 
    entity tags 
content negotiation 
    Vary header 
content-length header 
content-type header 
content-type headers 
content_type( ) method 
continue command 
control and monitoring modules  2nd 
    handling, recipe 
    mod_perl API and, sending multiple 
    REDIRECT responses and 
copy-on-write, forking 
core dumps, troubleshooting Stronghold 
core files, debugging
    dumping core file 
    faulty packages, creating 
    preparation for 
CORE:: package 
CORE::dump( ) function 
    interactive debugging 
    trapping errors 
    web site  2nd module 
    mod+perl installation with 
    nonstandard Apache installation and 
    nonstandard installation directories and 
    fault tolerance 
    usage, limiting 
critical sections
    resource locking 
    safe locking 
croak( ) function 
cronlog web site 
crontab watchdogs 
cross-site scripting 
curinfo macro 
custom handlers, performance compared to Apache::Registry 
cvrundiff( ) function, memory leaks and 
CVS (Concurrent Versions System)
    information resources 
    upgrading code on live servers 

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