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languages, Template Toolkit 
last-modified header 
    set_last_modified( ) method 
last-modified, update_mtime( ) method 
layering modules 
layers, modules 
lbnamed server web site 
leak_test( ) method 
lexical variables
    changing to global 
    closures and 
lexically scoped variables, Apache::RegistryLexInfo module and 
libexec/ open failed: No such file or directory message, errors with Makefile.PL 
libgtop C library 
    web site 
libperl.a library libraries 
    dbm, troubleshooting 
    libgdbm errors 
    namespace conflicts 
        Apache::Reload and 
        Apache::StatINC and 
        dynamic configuration files and 
    saving as subroutines 
libraries directory, porting to mod_perl 2.0 
libwww-perl web site 
Limit directive 
line-end character sequence 
Linux Virtual Server Project web site 
Linux, buffer sizes, changing 
list command 
List command, displaying breakpoints 
ListenBacklog directive 
lists, strings, performance 
load balancing, definition 
LoadModule directive 
    DSO support 
local installation, Apache 
localhost, make test errors and 
<Location> section (Apache configuration file)  2nd 
<Location> section, overriding 
<Location/perl> section 
    critical sections 
    databases, Apache::DBI and 
    tie( ) calls 
    untie( ) calls 
    DB_File::Lock module and 
    file-locking wrappers 
    flawed methods 
    resource locking, DBM and 
    shared locks 
log files
    collecting and processing tools web site 
    server maintenance 
logging (Apache request processing) 
logging-phase handlers, modules  2nd 
longmess macro 
lookup, symbolic links 
loops, Template Toolkit language 
lwp-request, testing mod_perl status 
LWP::UserAgent, spoofs and 

Main Page

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