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-a command-line option, writing filters 
\a for terminal bell 
abbrev( ) 
abbreviations, matching 
accept( ) 
    IO::Multiplex module 
access log, web server  2nd 
access to databases  [See database access]
addresses, email, matching 
adist( ) 
advisory locking 
alarm( )  2nd 
alarm, ringing 
Alias module 
    for filehandles 
    for functions 
    for list elements 
American Standard Code for Information Interchange  [See ASCII]
ampersand (&), && operator 
AND functionality in regular expressions 
angle brackets (<>)  2nd 
    line input operator 
    reading strings from binary files 
angles, in degrees vs. radians 
anonymous data 
Apache web server  [See also mod_perl][See also mod_perl]
    handlers, writing 
    internal redirection 
    log files 
    logging requests, customizing 
    phases of request-response transaction 
    pnotes, sharing information between handlers 
Apache::Cookie module 
    accessing values 
Apache::DBI module 
Apache::DBILogger module 
Apache::DProf module 
Apache::PerlRun module 
    migrating from CGI to mod_perl 
Apache::Registry module 
    migrating from CGI to mod_perl 
Apache::Reload module 
Apache::Request module
    accessing form parameters 
    receiving uploaded files 
Apache::StatINC module 
Apache::Template module  [See Template Toolkit]
Apache::Timeit module 
Apache::Traffic module 
appendChild( ) 
appendhash_demo program 
appending arrays to each other 
    mod_perl, benchmarking 
    shopping cart 
approximate matching 
arguments, subroutine 
    function prototypes 
    passing by named parameter 
    passing by reference 
ARGV line input operator 
ARGV, magic  2nd 
    complex (imaginary) numbers 
    matrix multiplication 
$#ARRAY variable 
    appending multiple 
    changing size of 
        subsets with grep 
    hashes of 
    initializing, with comma-separated values 
        over by reference 
        through all elements 
        through elements 
    last valid index ($#ARRAY) 
    vs. lists 
    matrix multiplication 
    permute program 
    printing elements with commas 
    processing multiple elements 
    randomly selecting from 
    reading files backwards 
    references to 
    reversing elements of 
    of scalar references 
        by computable field 
        elements numerically 
    sparse, implementing 
    treating files as 
    unions, intersections, differences 
    words program 
arrow (->) operator  2nd 
ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) 
    characters  [See characters]
    converting HTML to 
assignment (||=) operator 
assignment, list 
associative arrays  [See hashes]
asterisk (*), typeglobs 
at sign (@)
    @_ array 
    @EXPORT array (use pragma) 
    @EXPORT_OK array (use pragma) 
    @EXPORT_TAGS array (use pragma) 
    @INC array 
    references to arrays 
    splice( ) 
atime field, inode structure 
attach( ) 
attributes, object 
Authen::SASL module 
    fetching password-protected web pages 
    with mod_perl 
autoflush( )  2nd 
AUTOLOAD mechanism 
    generating methods 
    trapping undefining function calls 
AutoLoader module 
autouse pragma 

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