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\U string escape 
\u string escape 
ualarm( ) 
uc( ) 
ucfirst( ) 
UDP (User Datagram Protocol)
    writing clients for 
    writing servers for 
umask values 
uname( ) 
unbuffered input/output  2nd  3rd  4th 
undef( ), compared to delete( ) 
undefined values 
underscore (_), file stat cache 
    character database 
    combined characters, canonicalizing strings with 
    converting Microsoft files to 
    encodings, XML and 
    named characters, using 
    reading and writing from filehandles 
        treating as octets 
        treating as single characters 
Uniform Resource Locators  [See URLs]
unimport( ) 
unions of lists 
unique list elements, extracting 
universal character code 
    domain sockets  2nd 
    I/O layers 
unix layer  2nd 
UnixDate( ) 
unlink( ), removing directories and contents 
unpack( )  2nd 
    fixed-length records 
unread bytes, determining number 
unshift( ), circular lists 
updating random-access files 
uppercase, converting to lowercase 
URI::Escape module 
URI::Heuristic module  2nd 
uri_escape( ) 
urlify program 
URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) 
    expanding tildes in filenames 
    external redirection 
    extracting from HTML 
    fetching from Perl scripts 
    putting HTML links around 
    transparently storing information in 
use autouse pragma 
use bytes pragma 
use charnames pragma 
use constant pragma 
use lib pragma 
use locale pragma 
use operator 
use overload pragma 
use pragmas  2nd 
    trapping errors in 
Usenet news messages 
User Datagram Protocol  [See UDP]
user interfaces 
    adding text to images 
    checking for waiting input 
    clearing the screen 
    controlling programs with Expect 
    determining window size 
    dialog boxes, creating with Tk 
    DOS shell window, removing 
    editing input 
    full-screen mode 
    graphing data  2nd 
    managing screen 
    manipulating terminal directly 
    menus, creating with Tk 
    multiscreen CGI scripts 
    reading from keyboard 
    reading passwords without echo 
    ringing terminal bell 
    tcapdemo program 
    testing programs if running interactively 
    text color 
    thumbnailing images 
    Tk resize events 
User::pwent module 
userstats program 
usleep( ) 
UTF-8  2nd 
utf8 I/O layer 
utime( ), timestamps 

Main Page

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