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/s pattern-matching modifier 
    multiple lines 
s/// operator 
    stripping whitespace with 
save( ), HTML forms 
save_parameters( ), HTML forms 
SAX (Simple API for XML) 
    events, parsing XML into 
scalar multiplication operator 
scalar operator, list version 
Scalar::Util module  2nd 
    arrays of scalar references 
    detecting scalar context 
    exchanging values between 
    as numbers 
    references to 
schemas, XML 
schemes, URLs 
scope of subroutine variables 
screen  [See user interfaces]
scripts, CGI  [See CGI programming]
SDBM files 
search( ), LDAP server 
searching for patterns  [See regular expressions]
seconds  [See date and time values]
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 
    CGI scripts  2nd 
        executing user commands 
    connecting through firewalls 
    fetching secure web pages 
    reading passwords without echo 
    testing files for trustworthiness 
seek offset, filehandles 
seek( )  2nd 
seekdir( ) 
select( ) 
    determining whether data can be read or written 
    reading from multiple filehandles  2nd 
self-referential data structures 
SelfLoader module 
send( ), communicating over TCP 
sendmail program 
    daemon servers 
    database, using SQL without 
    LDAP  2nd 
        search( ) 
    multitasking, writing 
        with POE 
        fetching and summarizing messages 
    processing logs 
    restarting on demand 
    TCP, writing 
    UDP, setting up 
        common log format fields 
        performance, improving 
set theory 
setitimer( ) 
setting default I/O layers 
SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) 
shallow copies 
shared locks 
sharing variables among processes 
shell escapes, executing commands without 
shell wildcards for regular expression matching 
shift( ), circular lists 
shopping cart applications 
shuffle( )
shutdown( ) 
%SIG hash 
SIGALRM signal  2nd 
SIGCHLD signal  2nd 
SIGHUP signal  2nd 
SIGINT signal  2nd 
signal handlers 
    handlers for  [See signal handlers]
    listing available 
    process groups  2nd 
    turning into fatal errors 
signatures, randomized 
SIGPIPE signal  2nd 
sigprocmask syscall 
SIGQUIT signal 
sigrand program 
SIGTERM signal 
sigtrap pragma 
SIGUSR1/SIGUSR2 signals 
Simple API for XML (SAX) 
simple difference 
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) 
Simple Object Access Protocol  [See SOAP]
sin( ) 
single inheritance 
single quote (') 
    arrays, changing 
    hashes, preallocating for 
    Tk window resize events 
    window or terminal, determining 
sleep( )  2nd 
SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) 
SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) 
SOAP::Lite module  2nd 
SOCK_ constants 
sockaddr_in( )  2nd 
sockaddr_un( ) 
    Unix domain sockets 
socket( ) 
    bidirectional clients 
    closing after forking 
    connecting through firewalls 
    daemon servers 
    finding own name and address 
    forking servers 
    identifying machine at end 
    logging port connection attempts 
    managing multiple input streams 
    multihomed servers 
    non-forking servers 
    preforking servers 
    protocol associated with 
    restarting servers on demand 
    TCP protocol
        communicating over 
        writing clients 
        writing servers 
    UDP protocol
        writing clients for 
        writing servers for 
    Unix domain  2nd 
sort( ) 
    by computable field 
    array elements numerically 
    arrays and lists by computable field 
    DBM files 
    directory contents  2nd 
    du command output 
    hash elements 
    pod =head1 sections 
    randomizing array element order 
    randomizing file line order 
    text into columns 
Soundex matching 
soundex( ) 
splice( ) 
split( ) 
    processing all words in file 
    reading records with pattern separators 
    using reverse( ) with 
    variable-length text fields 
sprintf( ) 
    floating-point numbers
SQL database 
SQL queries
    building programmatically 
    without database server 
    executing using DBI 
    querying CSV files 
    repeating efficiently 
    saving results to Excel or CSV 
square brackets ([]) 
    creating anonymous arrays and hashes 
srand( ) 
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 
standard filehandles 
Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) 
stat( )  2nd 
Stat::lsMode module 
static data members 
STDERR filehandle 
    controlling for other programs 
    reading from programs 
STDIN filehandle 
    preprocessing input 
stdio layer  2nd 
STDOUT filehandle  2nd 
    filtering output 
sticky widgets, creating 
Storable module  2nd 
store( ) 
stream sockets  2nd 
strftime( )  2nd 
String::Approx module  2nd 
strings  2nd  [See also variables][See also variables]
    accessing substrings 
    canonicalizing with Unicode combined characters 
    checking if valid numbers 
        ASCII to and from HTML 
        characters and values 
    copying and substituting 
    doubled words, finding 
    escaping characters 
    hash element indices 
    headlines and titles, capitalizing 
    HTML text substitutions 
    interpolating functions and expressions within 
    null-terminated, reading from binary files 
    numeric operators with 
    parsing date and time information in 
    plurals based on numbers 
    processing characters individually 
    psgrep program 
    reformatting paragraphs 
    removing leading or trailing spaces 
    removing or extracting HTML tags 
    reversing elements of 
    substituting specific words 
    text color, changing 
    treating as files 
        support in Perl 
        treating as octets 
        treating as single characters 
    universal character code 
StrNum class (example) 
struct( ) 
struct_flock( ), lockarea program 
structs, classes as 
sub keyword 
subclasses, determining membership 
subject, sorting mail by 
    access arguments 
    built-in, overriding 
    currently running, name of 
    email sorter 
    exception handling 
    passing arrays and hashes by reference 
    passing by named parameter 
    persistent private variables 
    private for modules 
    private variables 
    prototypes for functions 
    return context, detecting 
    return values
        returning by reference 
        returning failure 
        skipping selected 
    saving global values 
    trapping undefined function calls 
    writing switch statement 
    expanding filenames 
    within strings 
substr( ) 
    operators to use with 
    pattern matching variables 
SUPER pseudoclass 
superclasses  2nd 
    accessing overridden methods 
surface copies 
surl script 
switch construct 
Switch module 
switch statement  2nd 
Symbol module 
Symbol::qualify( ) 
symbolic links 
    duplicating directory trees 
    to packages 
symbolic references 
symirror program 
symmetric difference 
Sys::Hostname module 
Sys::Syslog module 
sysopen( )
    non-blocking I/O 
    unusual filenames 
sysread( ) 
sysreadline( ) 
sysseek( ) 
system calls 
system( )
    running multiple programs 
    shell escapes 
syswrite( ) 

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