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x command (Perl debugger) 
\X metacharacter 
x operator 
/x pattern modifier 
    comments in regular expressions 
XML (Extensible Markup Language) 
    documents  [See XML documents]
    files, larger than available memory, processing 
    nested elements 
        into data structures 
        into DOM tree 
        into SAX events 
    Perl and, history of 
    processing instructions 
    reasons for success of 
    Unicode encodings 
        documents against schemas 
    well-formed documents 
XML declaration 
XML documents
    changing elements or text 
    finding elements and text 
    validating against schemas 
XML Schema 
XML Stylesheet Language for Transformations  [See XSLT]
XML::LibXML module  2nd 
    finding elements and text in XML documents 
    parsing XML into a DOM tree 
    validating XML against DTD 
XML::LibXSLT module  2nd 
XML::Parser module 
    caution against using directly 
XML::RSS module 
XML::Sablotron module, XSLT 
XML::SAX module 
    parsing XML into SAX events 
XML::SAX modules, parsing XML 
XML::SAX::Base module 
XML::SAX::Machines module, filtering XML 
XML::SAX::ParserFactory module 
XML::SAX::PurePerl module 
XML::Simple module 
    writing XML 
XML::Twig module, processing large XML files 
XML::Xerces module, validating XML against W3C Schema 
XML::XSLT module 
XMLin( ) 
XMLout( ), writing XML 
XMLRPC::Lite module  2nd 
XS interface  2nd 
XSLT (XML Stylesheet Language for Transformations) 

Main Page

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