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-n command-line option, writing filters 
n2perm( ) 
Nagle Algorithm 
name-value pairs, passing subroutines by named parameter 
named pipes 
    sigrand program 
names of current subroutines. determining 
namespaces, XML 
natural logarithms 
navigating Web with robots 
NDBM files 
    elements, XML 
    HTML tags 
    pattern matching 
Net::DNS module  2nd 
Net::FTP module 
Net::hostent module 
Net::LDAP module 
Net::NNTP module 
Net::Ping module 
Net::POP3 module 
Net::SMTP module 
    expn and vrfy programs 
Net::Telnet module 
netlock program 
Netscape history.db file 
new( ) 
new_from_fd( ) 
newlines  [See line breaks whitespace]
NFA (non-deterministic finite automata) 
NFC( ) 
NFD( ) 
NFKC( ) 
NFKD( ) 
noecho input mode 
NOFILE constant 
non-blocking I/O 
non-deterministic finite automata (NFA) 
non-greedy pattern matching 
    vs. greedy pattern matching 
non-numeric strings, converting to numbers 
NOT functionality in regular expressions 
notes, Apache requests 
nounder_demo program 
nstore( ) 
numbers  [See also values][See also values]2nd 
    adding commas to 
    complex (imaginary) 
    converting between characters and values 
    converting binary, octal, and hexadecimal 
    decimal places, controlling 
    matrix multiplication 
    operating on integer series 
    plural words based on 
    primes, calculating 
    Roman numerals 
    scalars as 
    strings as valid numbers 
numerical comparison (<=>) operator 

Main Page

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