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\L string escape 
\l string escape 
labels, menu 
last( ) 
laston program 
lc( ) 
lcfirst( ) 
LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) 
        modify( ) and 
        search( ) and 
leading whitespace, removing 
left angle bracket (<)
    <&= and <& open modes 
    <=> numerical comparison operator 
    <FH> line input operator 
    file-access modes  2nd 
lexical scope 
    libxml2  2nd 
libwww-perl modules 
libxml2 library  2nd 
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol  [See LDAP]
line breaks
    extracting ranges of lines 
    lines in files
        deleting last 
        randomizing order 
        selecting random 
    matching within multiple lines 
    reading files backwards 
    reading with continuation characters 
line input operator  2nd 
line mode interfaces 
__LINE__ symbol 
LINE: (implicit loop label) 
    counting in files 
    reading files backward by 
    single, extracting from file 
Lingua::EN::Inflect module 
links  [See hyperlinks]
links( ), extracting URLs 
list assignment 
list context, detecting 
List::Util module  2nd  3rd 
    vs. arrays 
    circular  2nd 
    formatting with HTML shortcuts 
    iterating through elements  2nd 
    permute programs 
    printing with commas 
    processing multiple elements 
    randomizing element order 
    reversing elements of 
    sorting by computable field 
    unions, intersections, differences  2nd 
    words program 
loading modules 
    with mod_perl 
local operator 
local( )
    global values 
    overriding signal handlers 
    redefining functions 
locale settings 
localizing functions 
localtime( )  2nd 
    calculating days 
    today's date 
lockarea program 
    blocking signals 
        advisory locking 
        netlock program 
    region-specific locks 
log files  [See also logging][See also logging]
    web server 
log( ) 
log_base( ) 
log10( ) 
Logfile::Apache module 
    customizing Apache logging requests 
    port connection attempts 
    server logs, processing 
logical functionality in patterns 
login sessions 
login( ), POP3 server 
looks_like_number( ) 
loop variables 
lowercase, converting to uppercase 
lst program 
lvaluable functions 
LWP modules 
    extracting HTML tags 
LWP::RobotUA module 
LWP::Simple module 
    automating HTML forms 
    finding stale hyperlinks 
    mirroring web pages 
LWP::UserAgent module 
    automating HTML forms 
    using cookies 

Main Page

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