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    extension modules, building 
    writing modules in 
-C command-line switch 
C header files, translating with h2ph 
cacheout( ) 
caching open filehandles 
calc_new_date( ) 
calc_new_date_time( ) 
calculating prime numbers 
caller( ) 
    names of subroutines 
can( ) 
can_read( ) 
    case-insensitive hashes 
    converting case 
    honoring locale when matching 
    of titles and headlines 
Carp module 
carriage returns  [See line breaks whitespace]
cascading menu entries 
case sensitivity
    capitalizing titles and headlines 
    converting case 
    honoring locale when matching 
cbreak mode 
ceil( ) 
CGI programming 
    chemiserie program 
    debugging raw HTTP exchange 
    fixing 500 server errors 
    form parameters  2nd 
    HTTP methods  2nd 
    improving efficiency of 
    migrating to mod_perl 
    multiscreen scripts 
    performance  [See also mod_perl][See also mod_perl]2nd 
    redirecting browsers 
    redirecting error messages 
    saving and mailing HTML forms 
    security and  2nd 
        executing user commands 
    shopping cart application, developing 
    sticky widgets 
    writing scripts module 
    creating sticky widgets 
    HTML helper functions 
    managing cookies 
    writing CGI scripts 
CGI::Carp module  2nd 
CGI::Cookie module 
    accessing values 
    converting ASCII to and from HTML 
    converting between values 
    converting case 
    matching letters 
    parsing command-line arguments 
    processing individually 
    text color, changing 
    charnames::viacode( ) 
    charnames::vianame( ) 
checkbutton menu entries 
chemiserie program 
chr( ) 
    data structures 
class attributes  [See class data]
class data 
    circular data structures 
class methods  2nd  3rd 
Class::Struct module 
    accessing overridden methods 
    determining subclass membership 
    generating methods with AUTOLOAD  2nd 
    inheritance  2nd 
    as structs 
cleaning up after modules 
clear command, clearing the screen 
clearerr( ) 
    UDP, setting up 
close( )
    file descriptors 
    file locks 
closedir( ) 
closures  2nd  3rd 
    as objects 
code handlers  [See handlers]
code points, Unicode 
code size, library 
colon (:)
    module names 
    package names 
color of text, changing 
color( ) 
    arranging du command output 
    outputting text by 
    parsing data by 
    wrapping paragraphs by 
comma (,)
    in numbers 
    printing lists with 
comma-separated values  [See CSV]
    entry, menu items 
command-line arguments, parsing 
    pod documentation for modules 
    in regular expressions 
commify( ) 
commify_series program 
commit( ) 
Common Log Format standard 
communicating between mod_perl and PHP 
compare( ) 
    contents of two files 
    floating-point numbers 
    keys of hashes 
complex numbers 
Comprehensive Perl Archive Network  [See CPAN]
compressing tabs 
confess( ) 
Config module 
configuration files
    Boolean connectives in patterns 
Configure event, Tk 
connect( ), LDAP server 
constructors  2nd 
    accessing overridden methods 
    cloning parent objects 
continuation characters, reading data with 
    ASCII to and from HTML 
    character case 
    characters and values 
    date and time to and from Epoch seconds 
    DBM files 
    degrees and radians 
    HTML tables into Perl data structures 
    HTML to ASCII 
    Microsoft files to Unicode 
        Roman numerals and 
    pod into other languages 
    shell wildcards for regular expression matching 
        case of 
        between characters and values 
cookie_jar( ) 
    accessing values with mod_perl 
    setting in mod_perl 
    web automation and 
copy constructors 
copy( ) 
    data structures 
    directory trees 
    parent objects 
    surface vs. deep copies 
cos( ) 
counting lines in files 
CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) 
    building and installing modules from 
    registering as developer 
CPANPLUS module  2nd 
createElement( ) 
createTextNode( ) 
    charts  2nd 
    magic variables 
    menus with Tk toolkit 
    references to methods 
    robots for Web traversal 
    sticky widgets 
    temporary files 
credentials( ) 
crlf I/O layer  2nd  3rd 
croak( ) 
Crypt::SSLeay module 
CSV (comma-separated values)
    initializing arrays with 
    reading records from 
CSV files, saving results of SQL queries 
ctime field, inode structure 
Ctrl-C, catching 
curly braces ({}) 
    creating anonymous arrays and hashes 
currency, comparing floating-point numbers 
Curses module 
curses toolkit 
    Apache logging requests 
Cwd module 

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