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race conditions 
rad2deg( ) 
radians, vs. degrees 
rand( )  2nd 
    email signatures 
    lines in files
        ordering of 
    random-access files, updating 
    random-access I/O 
    randomizing arrays 
Range header 
raw I/O layer  2nd 
read( )
    fixed-length records  2nd 
    I/O layers 
    random-access files 
readdir( ) 
    files  [See file access file contents]
        with pattern separators 
    Usenet messages 
reading and writing
    determining whether data can be read or written 
    hash records to text files 
    RSS files 
    binary tree structures 
    closures as objects 
    comma-separated  [See CSV]
    counting in files 
    lastlog file 
    random-access I/O 
        with pattern separators 
    reading and writing to text files 
    wtmp file 
recursively processing files in directories 
recv( ), TCP, communicating over 
redirect( ) 
ref( )  2nd 
    anonymous data 
    to arrays 
    arrays of scalar references 
    closures as objects 
    to functions 
    as hash keys 
    as hash values 
    to hashes 
    hashes of arrays  2nd 
    iterating over arrays by 
    to methods 
    to packages, indirect 
    passing arrays and hashes by 
    reference count 
    returning subroutines by 
    to scalars 
    self-referential structures 
    symbolic  2nd 
    weak, coping with circular data structures using 
Regexp::Common module  2nd 
register_function( ) 
regular expressions 
    \G anchor 
    backtracking  2nd 
    checking strings for valid numbers 
    commas in numbers 
    copying and substituting 
    doubled words 
    eager matching 
    email addresses 
    extracting ranges of lines 
    fuzzy matching 
    globbing filenames 
    greedy vs. non-greedy matching  2nd 
    honoring locale settings 
    logical functionality in 
        within multiple lines 
        nested patterns 
        Nth occurrence 
        shell globs as 
        from where last pattern ended 
    parsing HTML 
    pattern-matching modifiers 
        Boolean connectives 
    progressive matching 
    tcgrep program 
    testing for invalid patterns 
    urlify program 
    useful, list of 
RelaxNG schema 
rename script, example 
rename( ) 
    modifying files with temporary files 
rep program 
report( ), processing server logs 
Representational State Transfer (REST) 
require operator  2nd 
    trapping errors in 
Resize( ), thumbnailing images 
REST (Representational State Transfer) 
restarting servers on demand 
retrieve( ) 
return context, subroutines 
return statement 
return values, subroutines
    returning by reference 
    returning failure 
    skipping selected 
reverse( )  2nd 
    inverting hashes 
    array elements 
    words or characters in strings 
revhash_demo program 
revnum( ) 
rewinddir( ) 
rfrm program 
Rich Site Summary  [See RSS]
right angle bracket (>), file-access modes  2nd 
rmdir( ) 
rmtree( ) 
robots for Web traversal 
rollback( ) 
Roman module 
Roman numerals 
roman( ) 
rounding floating-point numbers 
RSS (Rich Site Summary) 
    files, reading and writing 
    loading modules at 

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