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h2ph tool, translating C header files 
h2xs tool 
    making a module with C code 
    sharing information between 
handlers for signals  [See signal handlers]
handles  [See filehandles]
hard links 
hash-list equivalence 
hashes  2nd 
    adding elements to  2nd 
    of arrays 
    arrays and 
    comparing keys of 
    counting how often something appears 
    deleting elements of 
    dutree program 
    finding most common anything 
    for list unions, intersections, differences 
    lookups by key or value 
    multiple values per key 
    reading and writing records to file 
    as records 
    references as elements 
    references to 
    representing data relationships 
    representing relationships between data 
    retrieving in insertion order 
    slices of 
    sorting elements 
    testing for keys 
    ties for 
HEAD method 
head( ), finding stale hyperlinks 
headers, interrogating with mod_perl 
here documents 
hex( ) 
hexadecimal numbers, converting 
hidden( ), generating sticky hidden fields 
high-resolution timers 
history.db file, grepping 
hopdelta program 
    identifying at socket end 
    obtaining your own 
HotKey module 
hours  [See date and time values]
hpush( ) 
HREF fields, substitutions for 
hrefsub program 
    converting ASCII to and from 
    extracting tags 
    extracting URLs from 
    finding stale or fresh links 
    putting links around URLs 
    shortcuts, formatting lists and tables with 
    tables in, extracting data from 
    text substitutions 
    XML and 
HTML forms 
    accessing parameters with mod_perl 
    automating submission 
    Boolean connectives in patterns 
    saving and mailing 
    sticky widgets 
HTML::FormatText module 
HTML::LinkExtor module 
HTML::Mason module 
    dhandlers  2nd 
    Mason syntax 
HTML::TableContentParser module 
HTML::TextToHTML module 
HTML::TokeParser module 
htmlsub program 
HTTP methods  2nd 
HTTP::Cookies module 
HTTP::Response module 
    clearing link list 
    extracting from HTML 
    finding stale or fresh 
hyphen (-)
    -> (arrow) operator  2nd 
    -> (infix) notation 
    -0 command-line option 
    -a command-line option, writing filters 
    -e command-line option, writing filters 
    -i command-line option
        modifying files with 
        writing filters 
    -I command-line switch 
    -n command-line option, writing filters 
    -p command-line option
        modifying files with 
        writing filters 
    -t command-line option 

Main Page

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