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-p command-line option
    modifying files with 
    writing filters 
pack( )  2nd 
    with Tk resize events 
package statement 
__PACKAGE__ symbol  2nd 
    determining current calling 
    overriding built-in functions 
    private variables 
    referring to indirectly 
    counting in files 
    in pod documentation 
    reading files backwards by 
param( ) 
parent classes
    accessing overridden methods 
    cloning objects 
parentheses ( ) 
    autouse pragma 
    prototyping functions 
parse( ), HTML tables, extracting data 
parse_csv subroutines 
ParseDate( )  2nd 
    comma-separated data 
    command-line arguments 
    commas into numbers 
    date and time from strings 
    HTML tags 
    web server log file 
        into data structures 
        into DOM tree 
        into SAX events 
    arrays and hashes by reference 
    by named parameter 
    randomly generating 
    reading without echo  2nd 
paths, XML 
pattern matching  [See regular expressions]
pattern separators, reading data with 
PDL (Perl Data Language) 
    modules, matrix multiplication 
percent sign (%)
    %SIG hash 
    backreferences and 
    database access, speeding with mod_perl 
    event-based XML parsing 
    presizing hashes 
    web server, improving 
Perl Data Language  [See PDL]
PERL_UNICODE environment variable 
PERL5LIB environment variable 
perlmenu module 
    CGI scripts 
    symbolic file, instead of octal values 
    testing files for trustworthiness 
permutations, generating all possible 
permute program 
    data structures 
    database data 
    private subroutine variables 
personal identification number (PIN) 
PF_ constants 
.ph filename extension 
PHP, communicating with mod_perl 
PIN (personal identification number) 
pinging machines 
pipe( )  2nd 
places( ) 
pluralizing words 
plus sign (+), file-access modes 
.pm filename extension 
    Apache requests, sharing information between handlers 
    URLs, storing information in 
    converting into other languages 
        sorting =head1 sections 
pod2text tools 
POE framework, writing multitasking server with 
POE::Component::Server::TCP module 
POP (Post Office Protocol) 
    servers  [See also POP3 servers][See also POP3 servers]
        fetching and summarizing messages 
        logging in 
pop( ), circular lists 
POP3 servers 
port connection attempts, logging 
    closing filehandles 
    encodings in XML 
Portable Operating System Interface  [See POSIX]
pos( ) 
POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface) 
    termios interface 
    time( ) 
POSIX module
    blocking signals 
    today's date 
    trigonometric functions 
POSIX::close( )  2nd 
POSIX::setsid( ) 
POSIX::strtod( ) 
POSIX::uname( ) 
POST method  2nd  3rd 
Post Office Protocol  [See POP]
posting Usenet messages 
pound sign (#), with printf( ) 
preallocating memory for hashes 
prime numbers, calculating 
print( )
    email attachments 
        outputting to multiple 
        storing in variables 
printf( ) 
    floating-point numbers, rounding 
    storing filehandles in variables 
    ; printf( ))  [See also print( )][See also print( )]
    data structures 
    date and time information 
    lists with commas 
    to multiple filehandles simultaneously 
    function to variable 
    module variables 
    subroutine variables 
    catching Ctrl-C 
    communicating between 
    controlling input/output 
    filtering output 
    gathering output 
    groups  2nd 
    imitating files with named pipes 
    large XML files, processing 
    multitasking servers, writing 
        with POE 
    preprocessing input 
        reading from and writing to 
        reading STDERR from 
        running multiple 
    recursively processing files in directories 
    sharing variables among 
    signal handlers 
        listing available 
        turning into errors 
    timing out operations 
    XML processing instructions 
    XSLT, processing 
    CGI  [See CGI programming]
    command-line arguments, parsing 
    controlling input/output of 
    controlling with Expect 
    filtering output 
    gathering output from 
    preprocessing input 
    reading from and writing to 
    reading STDERR from 
    running multiple 
    simulating telnet from 
    testing if running interactively 
progressive matching 
prototypes  2nd 
proxy, submitting forms through 
psgrep program 
public methods 
push( )  2nd 
    circular lists 
    Tie::IxHash module and 

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