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B-tree implementation, DB_File 
    $1, $2, . . .  2nd 
        finding doubled words 
    \1, \2, . . . 
        finding doubled words 
backslash (\)
    \1, \2, . . . (backreferences) 
    \a for terminal bell 
    \E string metacharacter 
    \G anchor 
    \L string escape 
    \l string escape 
    \U string escape 
    \u string escape 
    \X metacharacter 
    ` string metacharacter 
    creating arrays 
    creating references 
    escaping characters 
    passing arrays and hashes by references  2nd 
    references to arrays 
    references to scalars 
backsniff program 
backtick (`)
    executing commands without shell escapes 
    gathering program output 
    running another program 
    finding doubled words 
    in pattern matching 
bake( ) 
base class 
    empty base class test 
basename( ), splitting filenames 
=begin pod directive 
bell, ringing 
benchmarking mod_perl applications 
Berkeley DB library 
bgets program 
biased random numbers, generating 
bidirectional clients 
        reading null-terminated strings 
    numbers, converting 
bind( ), LDAP server 
binding, databases 
binmode( )  2nd 
bless( )  2nd 
blocking file access 
    netlock program 
    reading a line from a filehandle without 
    region-specific locks 
blocking signals 
blocking( ) 
Boolean connectives in patterns 
        with CGI 
        with mod_perl 
    support for Unicode fonts 
buffered input/output  2nd  3rd 
    controlling for other programs 
    socket programming and 
    C extension modules 
    modules from CPAN 
bytes I/O layer 
bytes, determining number of unread 

Main Page

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