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/m pattern-matching modifier 
    multiple lines 
m// operator  2nd 
magic ARGV  2nd 
magic open  2nd 
magic variables, creating 
Mail Transport Agent (MTA) 
Mail User Agents (MUAs) 
Mail::Mailer module 
map( ) 
    building SQL queries programmatically 
    printing hashes 
matching  [See also regular expressions]
    Soundex matching 
Math::BigInt module 
Math::Complex module  2nd 
Math::Random module 
Math::Trig module  2nd 
Math::TrulyRandom module 
matrix multiplication 
maximal matching
    Boolean connectives in patterns 
memoizing technique 
    encodings and 
    event-based XML parsing 
    garbage collection 
        circular data structures and 
    preallocating for hashes 
    requirements for hash merging technique 
Menubutton widget, Tk 
    DBM files 
methods  2nd  3rd 
    vs. functions 
    generating with AUTOLOAD  2nd 
    HTTP  2nd 
    indirect notation 
    invoking indirectly 
    private and public 
    references to 
MHCONTEXTFD environment variable 
MIME (Multimedia Internet Mail Extensions)  2nd 
MIME-Tools module 
MIME::Lite module 
minimal matching
    Boolean connectives in patterns 
minus sign (-), modifiers and 
minutes  [See date and time values]
mirror( ) 
MLDBM module  2nd  3rd 
    persistent data 
    accessing form parameters 
    Apache handlers
        receiving uploaded files 
        sharing information between 
    Apache logging requests, customizing 
    applications, benchmarking 
    communicating with PHP 
        accessing values 
    interrogating headers 
    migrating from CGI 
    redirecting browsers 
    reloading changed modules 
    speeding database access 
    templating with HTML::Mason 
        Mason syntax 
    templating with Template Toolkit 
        data structures 
        other templates 
        Perl code 
    URLs, transparently storing information in 
mod_perl 2 
modify( ), LDAP server 
modifying files  [See file contents]
    automatic setup and cleanup 
    CPAN  [See CPAN]
    designing interface for 
    directories of 
    documenting with pod 
        sorting =head1 sections 
        reporting like built-ins 
        trapping in use and require statements 
    finding versions and descriptions of 
    importing from 
        reloading changed modules with mod_perl 
        at runtime 
    overriding built-in functions 
    preparing for distribution 
    private variables 
    template for 
    writing in C 
months  [See date and time values]
move( ) 
MTA (Mail Transport Agent) 
mtime field, inode structure 
MUAs (Mail User Agents) 
    associative array emulation syntax 
multihomed servers 
Multimedia Internet Mail Extensions  [See MIME]
multiple inheritance 
    of matrices 
    x operator 
mux_input( ) 
my operator 

Main Page

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