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-e command-line option, writing filters 
\E string metacharacter 
/e substitution modifier  2nd 
each( ) 
        ordering elements of 
eager pattern matching 
echo and password input 
    files  [See file contents]
    of arrays  [See arrays]
    of hashes  [See hashes]
    matching valid addresses 
    random signatures 
    reading with POP3 
        HTML forms via 
    tracking time path of 
Email::Valid module 
    base class test 
    strings ("") 
Encode module 
encoding attribute, XML 
=end pod directive 
__END__ token 
environment variables
Epoch  [See date and time values]
equals sign (=)
    => operator 
    =~ operator 
    =begin pod directive 
    =end pod directive 
error log, web server 
errors  [See also exceptions][See also exceptions]
    CGI scripts 
        fixing 500 server in 
        redirecting messages from 
    controlling for other programs 
    reading STDERR from programs 
    reporting filenames in 
    reporting like built-ins 
        exceptions in 
        returning failure from 
    trapping in require and use statements 
    trapping undefined function calls 
    turning signals into 
    web server error log 
escaping characters 
eval( )
    with require and use statements 
    in substitution  2nd 
events, Tk resize 
Excel, saving SQL query results to 
    handling in subroutines 
    trapping undefined function calls 
exclusive locks 
exec( )
    replacing programs 
    shell escapes 
exists( ) 
    multiple hash key values 
    variables in user input 
Expect module 
    controlling programs with 
EXPN command 
expn program 
@EXPORT array (use pragma) 
@EXPORT_OK array (use pragma) 
@EXPORT_TAGS array (use pragma) 
Exporter module  2nd 
exporting to modules 
expressions, interpolating within strings 
Extensible Markup Language  [See XML]
extension modules, C, building 
external redirection 
extract_bracketed( ), matching nested patterns 
extracting array subsets 
extracting from arrays  [See arrays]

Main Page

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